Virginia Tech is Top 25 worthy.

Smokey JonesContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

After Va Tech discriminating loss to East Carolina, in which I give props to for beating Va Tech then West Virginia. But the hokies only put up 24 points against with Tyrod Taylor without his red shirt. Of course though Tyrod did not get much playing time just coming out of the rs status. But with a guy like tyrod who is similar to Mike Vick  mobility wise and except [HOPEFULLY] doesn't have the off field standards. Beamer should have played a little bit more just in case Glennon doesn't pull through and they end up needing him. Which for me personally Sean is going to have a great season, but I know your saying what about the ECU game they lost. I'm not making excuses for him but there was a lot of pressure on him with Beamer red shirting Tyrod [which I wasn't the most excited about] and the great season Tyrod had last year everyone wanted Tyrod starting this season and criticized Beamer for the rs saying Glennon wasn't going to be able to handle the QB relms all by himself because he wasn't good enough to and didn't have the experience, if you look back to Glennon sophmore year he led the hokies to 10 wins and lost the gator bowl though they faced a very talented Georgia bulldogs team. And also during that season Tech faced 8 ranked teams [in order] #23 Cincinatti W 29-13, #22 Georgia Tech L 38-27, #20 Boston College L 22-3, #7 Clemson W 24-7, #18 Miami[FL] W 17-10 in Miami if I may add, #11 Wake Forest W 27-6, #23 Virginia 17-0, and finally #11 Georgia L 31-24. So saying Glennon doesn't have the experience  and can't play ranked teams well that is a little prove and some toughness added for Sean Glennon to play 8 ranked in his first year starting and even then he was under pressure after Marcus Vick was kicked off the team for off field reasons and for stomping on Elvis Dumervil's calf, Dumervil is now in the NFL and is playing for the Denver Broncos and so far having a sorda good career. But where does this lead to Va Tech needing to show they should be in the Top 25 just read it and see that Sean Glennon can't step up and play just look at the end of last years season when tyrod went down with a ankle injury against Duke Sean Glennon stepped up and almost beat #2 Boston College throwing for 349 yards and he beat Florida State a team which the hokies hadn't beat in 31 years and the score was 40-21 and Glennon was outstanding. So that is why I think Va Tech is worthy for a Top 25 spot and will be there soon and a extra boost will be put in when they beat up on Georgia Tech a game which I will hopefully be going to.