NFL Weather Week 16: Philadelphia Eagles Most Affected, Other Cities Too

Joe DuffyAnalyst IDecember 26, 2010

Snow smashes north, bettors must be aware
Snow smashes north, bettors must be awarePete Norton/Getty Images

The weather is going to be a major factor in Philadelphia, Buffalo and Cleveland for sure, as New England and both New York teams are on the road. Winds are 13 mph in Buffalo with the chance of snow at 50 percent. The Jets at Bears has a 90 percent chance of snow. Baltimore and Cleveland will have 17 mph wins with 64 percent chance of snow. The Colts-Raiders game has a 54 percent chance of rain. Chargers-Bengals will have 13 mph winds and a 39 percent chance of snow.

The biggest game time weather is in Philadelphia in the Vikings-Eagles. There is a 100 percent chance of snow and it will be a significant amount. Winds are at 20 mph.

Matt Rivers Week 16 NFL picks: 

Sunday, the NY Giants (+3) at Green Bay.

Nobody loves Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense more than I do; the Pack are as dangerous as they come. Meanwhile the Giants blew that game in horrendous fashion last week at home against Philadelphia. So, why do I like the boys from New York? Because Tom Coughlin is a tough and gritty coach who should have his guys ready to respond in a big-time way.

There is no doubt that the G-Men completely destroyed themselves last week in the loss to the Eagles and put themselves in pretty much a must win spot today if they want to make the playoffs. Some teams would shrivel up and just quit. I really do not see this blue collar hard hitting New York team doing that though, I just don’t.

The Giants have a front four as good as anybody and have already put something like five quarterbacks out of commission. Do you not think they are licking their chops rushing a guy who just suffered his second concussion of the season? Do you not think that Rodgers may release the ball a tad quicker than normal knowing what is barreling down at him? Rodgers may make a few big plays with Greg Jennings but let’s not forget how the Pack have still struggled running the ball; losing Jermichael Finley earlier in the season will make things a lot more difficult today against the men in blue.

Eli Manning may not be as great as his brother but the guy is really good and is a Super Bowl winning MVP. He has a quality running game and a receiver in Hakeem Nicks who is blowing up in a good way along with a guy in Mario Manningham that was awesome last week. Coughlin’s crew is a well rounded team that may not have the explosive offense of the Pack but in a cold weather game at Lambeau and with Rodgers coming back from the noggin injury I will take my chances on these visitors as this barking dog is backed into a corner.

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