WrestleMania 27 Preview: How The Card Is Shaping Up

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2010

WrestleMania 27 Preview: How The Card Is Shaping Up

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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    2010 is almost behind us and what a crazy year it was! We saw new faces dominate, get dominated, and, unfortunately, get fired as well.

    We saw the rise and fall of the Nexus, the fall and rise of Daniel Bryan, and the steady rise of the Miz.

    We saw greatness. We saw mediocrity.

     Now the year is coming to a close and the landscape of the WWE isn't quite the same.

    In a week's time, it'll be 2011 and the Road to WrestleMNania 27 will officially begin. But first we have to go through both the Royal Rumble, then the Elimination Chamber, and, finally, about five or six weeks before we get to WrestleMania.

    Many of us have already started on our predictions for the Royal Rumble. Others have already jumped ahead to the WWE Draft!

    Well, I figured I'd make an early prediction on the WrestleMania 27 card. Now, before I begin, I'd like to point out that this article is just for fun and is based solely on how I see the next few months going in the WWE. In no way are any of these predictions to be taken as strict fact.

    If any of my predictions come true, then hey maybe I can see the future ;)

Money in the Bank Match

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    Many people are speculating on whether or not WWE is going to have a MITB match at Mania (considering there is alrady a Money in the Bank PPV)— but there have been reports that WWE is debating the subject.

    Well, I'm going to assume there is one, just in case ;)

    I'd say this match will be filled with many young guys who didn't quite make the card and who the WWE actually wants to use. Guys like Ted DiBiase, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga (assuming the Nexus breaks up by then for the last two), Big Show, and a returning Evan Bourne. Also possible are Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan, depending on whether or not the WWE has a US or Intercontinental Title match at the event.

    My pick to win this was originally MVP, but then he got let go. Well, now my pick to win MITB is Evan Bourne. WWE has reportedly talked about having Bourne come back and get a big push during Wrestlemania season. Considering how Bourne is returning in February, this means he is going to miss the Rumble (then again, you never know).

    I doubt they would have him win the Elimination Chamber, so the MITB is the next best thing.

    Winner: Evan Bourne

WWE Divas Title: Natalya (C) Vs. Beth Phoenix

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    This seems to be a match that is just waiting to happen! With Beth Phoenix recently returning to help Natalya deal with her little LayCool problem, there is a high possibility that we could see these two meet in the ring, under two different circumstances:

    1. Natalya and Beth are both faces, Beth wins a No. 1 contender's match, and they face off as friends.

    2. Natalya and Beth are both faces, Beth wins a No. 1 contender's match, Beth goes heel at some point, and they face off as enemies.

    The reason why I didn't put Natalya as a heel is because she was the one who defeated LayCool, the biggest "bullies" of the Divas division. Why would Natalya become a super-over face by defeating them, just to turn around and "become" them by betraying Beth?

    Another possibility is that Beth and Natalya go into the match as friends, then one of them turns on the other after the match ends (e.g. Beth attacks Natalya after the match ends).

    No matter what happens, my money's on Natalya.

    Winner: Natalya

Wade Barrett Vs. David Otunga

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    Has anyone else noticed how David Otunga keeps getting dumped on by Wade Barrett? Has anyone else noticed how Otunga keeps acting like he's about to go full-blown rebellion on his Nexus leader? Of course you have! Everyone seems to notice how Otunga, no matter how much crap keeps happening, seems to forget about it and move on.

    Now, I don't think this match would be very good, as neither one of these guys are great in the ring. Barrett has a good powerhouse moveset, but it has to be paired up against the right guy and I don't think Otunga is that guy.

    However, I think the story of the match could be a very good one considering Otunga has already begun his rebellion from the Nexus. He questions Wade's authority at every turn. He wears his own custom hoodie to the ring, something that prevents him from appearing uniform with the rest of the group and makes him stand out. And whether he likes it or not, his position in the Nexus seems to be in jeopardy, with the recent betrayal on RAW by Wade and the rest of the Nexus.

    Both of these guys are excellent mic workers and could make this feud worth seeing on TV. However, the payoff of the feud (the Mania match) would be a letdown.

    Whatever, I see Wade going over in this one, only to have the Nexus split up by the draft (Slater and Gabriel to Smackdown, Barrett and Otunga staying on RAW, and Hennig and Harris being sent back to FCW, hopefully).

    Winner: Wade Barrett

Triple H Vs. Sheamus

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    "The King of Kings" vs The King of the Ring. "Who is the true King?"

    That is the tagline I saw in my head as soon as Sheamus won King of the Ring. Why else would he win it? He had already won the WWE title two times in less than a year. If the WWE is willing to put the title on a guy that soon and that many times, they would be willing to put the title on him at any time.

    He didn't need the push that came with King of the Ring, but the WWE did need a reason to make this match happen again.

    I honestly don't mind this match. I thought their last Mania match was pretty good and I expect this one to be even greater.

    However, I expect Sheamus to go over in this one. Kind of like a passing of the torch. Triple H finally steps down as the King of Kings and Sheamus takes his place on his throne, while Trips prepares to take his place on Vince's throne ;)

    Winner: Sheamus

WWE Tag Titles: Santino and Kozlov (C) Vs. The Usos

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    A shot in the dark. That's all this prediction is.

    The last few PPVs have featured randomly inserted WWE Tag Team title matches. I don't see why they can't do the same with Wrestlemania.

    Then again, Wrestlemania is supposed to be different than every other PPV of the year, so let's make it different. Let's make a feud. That's right, an actual tag team title feud.

    I figured the setup for this feud is perfect. Santino and Kozlov are the tag team champions. Tamina and Santino are an onscreen couple. Tamina also acts as a manager for the Usos.

    The feud practically writes itself. Each of the Usos take turns going after Santino and Kozlov (sometimes as a team, sometimes one on one) until eventually a match is made for the titles at Mania.

    I like the team of Santino and Kozlov. They have good chemistry as a team (or they seem to with the way they interact as a comedy duo) and they get the crowd going, but all good things must come to an end. I feel that the Usos will win this one.

    Winner: The Usos

Potential WWE Title Match #1: CM Punk Vs. John Cena

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    The CM Punk and John Cena feud has just begun and if I know anything about John Cena, its that he doesn't make quick enemies with anybody. What I mean by that is that his feuds usually last at least a few months and I expect this one to last just as long.

    I see this feud going one of two ways:

    1. CM Punk and John Cena eliminate each other in the Royal Rumble, Punk/Cena eliminates the other in the Elimination Chamber, and then it all comes to a head at Wrestlemania...OR

    2. CM Punk eliminates John Cena from the Royal Rumble and goes on to win the event, John Cena wins the Elimination Chamber, and the feud culminates in a WWE Title match and CM Punk's first WrestleMania main event.

    I gotta say, I'm not sure which one I'd prefer more. Both ideas sound very appealing, but I'd also like to see Cena compete in a match that doesn't involve the WWE Title at Mania.

    Either way, I expect the picture above to happen, though I doubt it would harm Punk in the long run (like Big Show and Rey Mysterio did).

    Winner: John Cena

Potential WWE Title Match #2: The Miz (C) Vs. John Morrison Vs. Randy Orton

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    I'd say this is the most likely match for the WWE Championship. "Why not just The Miz vs John Morrison then?" you might say.

    Well, because I doubt the WWE would let Randy Orton miss the main event of two WrestleMania's in a row, would they? Especially with the roll he's been on. So here's how the scenario will most likely play out:

    First, the Miz will defeat John Morrison at Royal Rumble through whatever means necessary (he beats him clean, he beats him with A-Ri's help—whatever). Then, the Miz lasts long enough to sneak a victory in the Elimination Chamber, last eliminating either John Morrison or Randy Orton.

    The Miz will then be The Miz and come out bragging about winning the Elimination Chamber and finally getting to headline Wrestlemania. Randy Orton comes out and says that he is coming for the Miz or whatever. John Morrison comes out and says that he still hasn't gotten his fair shot at the Miz. The RAW GM pops in and decides there will be a match to decide the #1 contender, featuring Randy Orton and John Morrison (also John Cena and CM Punk, if its a Fatal Fourway and to help further that rivalry).

    Anyway, somehow Orton and Morrison pin each other, much like Edge and Kane did, or if its a one-on-one, they get a double countout, thus leading to the decision that its a Triple Threat.

    To put it simply, John Morrison is gonna win here. Whether it's for the WWE title or not (if its not for the title, it'll just be Miz vs. Morrison).

    Winner: John Morrison

Potential World Title Match: Edge Vs. Christian

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    I figured since I had two potential WWE title matches, I figured there would need to be two potential World title matches. Like the WWE title matches, both of these matches are based on whether or not either brand wins the Royal Rumble.

    If RAW wins the Royal Rumble, CM Punk and Cena will happen for the title, otherwise, it'll be Miz, Morrison, and Orton. So, I present to you the first of the potential Smackdown main events (the one where Smackdown wins the Rumble): Edge vs. Christian.

    I don't see anyone else on Smackdown winning the Royal Rumble except a returning Christian. This seems very likely, considering WWE's "hatred" towards Christian. However, let's pretend it COULD happen.

    It could be very unpredictable and entertaining. Edge is currently a champion—a face champion. Many suspect that if he feuded with Christian, he would become a heel, but Christian could just as easily turn heel. Then again, I wouldn't rule out a possible face vs face match at WrestleMania either.

    I suspect that if the WWE would let Christian win the Rumble, they would also let him win his first World Title!

    And it would be glorious.

    Winner: Christian

Potential World Title Match #2: Edge Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Let me just come out and say this right now: What other possible main event could they have for SmackDown? If Edge vs. Christian doesn't happen, this is the most likely main event for SmackDown that I could see.

    Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio were supposed to have it out at TLC. However, they were inserted into the TLC main event, making it a Fatal Fourway. I doubt this feud is over with and we'll see more of it as the months go by. Maybe they'll eliminate each other in the Rumble or in the Elimination Chamber, and somehow they get involved in the World Title match.

    Anyway, I would like to see this, as these three put on a pretty good match for the No. 1 Contender's spot on SmackDown a few months back.

    I see Edge coming out of this one as the champion. I really can't think of any reason why he wouldn't win.

    Winner: Edge

Other Potential Matches

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    Of course, there are plenty of people and matches that I am forgetting about.

    The Undertaker is noticably absent from my list. Well, that's because I don't think he'll be able perform at Mania. But, it could still happen (and I want it to). Anyway, he'd probably face Triple H, Kane, or Wade Barrett. No matter who he faces, Taker's winning.

    Chris Jericho is another name I left out. If he comes back, I expect him to face Randy Orton for taking him off TV by punting him. Orton wins here (sigh).

    John Cena vs. The Miz could easily happen as well. The WWE title would be on the line and of course, John Cena would win. It'd be a great feud.

    If Punk vs. Cena doesn't happen at Mania, then I expect Punk vs Daniel Bryan to. It would probably be for the US title and I see Punk going over here (hey, Bryan has to lose the title sometime).

    If the US title gets a match, expect the IC title to get a match too. Probably something like Dolph Ziggler versus a face Jack Swagger/Drew McIntyre or something. I don't know the outcome—depends on who he faces.  

    Then, of course, who could forget about the potential for a Divas Battle Royal. This match would have absolutely no stake, would not be very long, and would be won by Michelle McCool.


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    WrestleMania is always one of the best PPVs of the year. With the current direction the WWE is taking, it's hard NOT to be excited for this event! So what do you guys think?

    Do you think that any of these matches will happen?

    Does your Wrestlemania card match up with mine?

    Would you like any of these matches?

    Leave your comments below and if you liked it, then press LIKE!

    Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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