Tiger Woods: Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Woods in 2011

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IDecember 26, 2010

Tiger Woods: Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Woods in 2011

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    To say that Tiger Woods has had a rough past 12-13 months would be akin to saying that the snow on the Metrodome was "kinda bad". Both were quite awful for their own reasons. Since everything has some to light with Woods, he has fallen off the number one world ranking and failed to win a major this year; in fact, he hasn't won one since 2008.

    For 2011, one can imagine that Tiger has many ideas for new year's resolutions to sort through. To make it easier on him to choose, here are the top ten possibilities.

10. No Extramarital Affairs

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    I put this one up because, now that the divorce is finalized, it would be impossible not to abide by this. I'm starting you with the lowballs Tiger.

    The rest are gonna be real ones to work on.

9. Don't Worry About Sponsorships

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    Tiger Woods lost a huge number of sponsorships over the past year, including one very recently.

    Despite this, Tiger's certainly loaded from all the ones he's had. If he wants to gain them back, he's got to earn them on the tee; they won't reappear if he worries about them.

8. Take a Sabbatical

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    Yes, Tiger took some time off from golf to try and save his marriage. Taking time off, or a vacation, and taking a sabbatical are entirely different though. He needs to retool himself mentally and plunge back into golf, as the season's starting up soon.

7. Perfect The New Swing

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    Over the past few months, Woods has been working with a new coach on getting a new swing. So far, it seems to have gone well, as earlier this month he nearly won the Chevron World Challenge. Little by little, his swing is working, and he should be able to get it perfected this year.

6. Be a Dad

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    With all the trouble he's had in his personal life this past year, there's two people that Tiger can turn to and be productive with; his two kids. Rumors say that Elin is keeping them most of the time and wants to take them to live in Sweden. Whether this is true or not, if there's a way Tiger can be with them more often, he should take every opportunity to make that happen.

5. Return to Buddhist Roots

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    One way Tiger can both better himself and make himself into a top pro again is to return to his roots. His month raised him as a Buddhist, and he admitted himself that he had deviated from his core values over the past few years. If he can continue to embrace those values, things will get better for him.

4. Win a Major

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    No kidding, right? This one could be modified just to say "win a tournament", as he failed to do that in 2010 for the first time in his career. A major win would put him within three of Jack Nicklaus's record though, and if anything can get him back on top, it would be that.

3. Play As Many Tournaments As Possible

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    These resolutions might seem contradictory, but there's certainly a reason for this one. His swing has continued to improve at the driving range, but the only way to improve his stroke in tournament play is to do just that, play tournaments.

    There are always tournaments going on, so he'll be able to find ones to work on his swing.

2. Watch Happy Gilmore

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    Hey, it works for me when I'm feeling off. Plus, it gives some good examples of what not to do on the golf course. If nothing else, it'd be good for a few laughs, which Tiger could use.

1. Regain Number One Ranking

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    Here's the crown jewel that Tiger would love to get back again. He lost the world number one ranking to Lee Westwood on October 31 after holding the spot for 281 weeks.

    Now that he's off the top, many of the game's rising stars are making their move. If he wants to regain it, he will have to do it quick. If he can pull it off, he can tell the world that he's back and ready to be dominant at golf again.