The Bottom Ten: The Worst of College Football (Week 2)

College Football FanaticCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

Failure: it's not a pretty thing. The following ten teams, players, and other people have been deemed the worst of the worst for Week Two.


10. Maryland Terrapins

It couldn't get much worse, could it? It's embarrassing enough to barely escape with a win over an FCS team while being predicted to be a seven- or eight-win team, but to lose to Middle Tennessee State University is sad.

MTSU controlled the ball for 40 minutes and completely outplayed Maryland. Kind of funny to think that a team was supposed to be an 7-5, 8-4 team and that was supposed to be able to play with any team in the ACC can lose to and be completely outplayed by a mediocre Sun Belt team.


9. Washington State Cougars


A 66-3 loss at home to Cal.

What has happened to the once-good Washington State team? Paul Wulff has had about the worst start possible as the Cougars' head coach, getting whooped by Oklahoma State 39-13 and then this. What is happening in Pullman?


8. Army Black Knights

There's not too big of a problem with losing to Temple if you're Army. Temple is an improving team and might even make it to .500 this year.

But losing to FCS team New Hampshire 28-10?

People gave San Diego State heck for losing to Cal Poly, an FCS team, but SDSU didn't lose to Cal Poly by 18 points. They lost to them by 2.

What a pathetic effort. An 0-12 season is definitely possible now. Maybe they can beat Eastern Michigan. Maybe.


7. The New Arkansas Uniforms

If I have to see much more of these they could become No. 1 on this list.


6. Virginia Cavaliers

First, you lose 52-7 to USC. Oh, I guess you guys didn't get the notice that you were supposed to put up a little bit of a fight. Then, you score a whopping 16 points (16!) against FCS team Richmond and only get 91 rushing yards on 38 carries.

If you're keeping score at home, that's a pathetic average of 2.4 yards per carry. You only led 3-0 going into the fourth quarter and you didn't even make it a two-possession game until midway through the fourth.

Richmond even got a good drive on you late until you got a lucky interception to stop it. Granted, Virginia will be at best a 4-8 team this year, but this is still pretty sad.


5. Tyler Lorenzen

I'm confused as to how you played so well last year. You have started off the season by throwing four picks and no TDs against two teams that are overly tough to play: FCS team Hofstra and Temple.

You threw three of the picks against Hofstra. You only completed 10 of 22 passes against Temple for a whopping 86 yards. Temple's defense isn't that tough, is it?


4. North Texas Not-So-Mean Green

Look, seriously consider changing your name because lately you haven't even been close to mean. You've been downright polite and nice in allowing teams to rack up yards and points on you.

You've allowed an average of 513 yards in the first two games to Kansas State and Tulsa. You've allowed an average of 51.5 points in the first two games. You've scored an average of 16 points.

If LSU left their starters in the whole game against you coming up this week, they could win 84-3. It's a good thing for you that they'll only score 50 by halftime, just so they won't embarrass you too badly.


3. Idaho Vandals

Good news: They won a game, 42-27.

Bad news: It was against FCS opponent Idaho State, who isn't exactly an FCS power.


2. Florida International Golden Panthers

FIU has been anything but golden since they entered Div. I-A. They shocked me by actually scoring against Kansas (they put up 10 points, losing 40-10). But they went back to their normal ways and got shut out by Iowa, 42-0.


1. Pac-10 Officials

I've already ripped them in another column, but the reason why they're No. 1 is that this is just another bad call in a string of terrible calls over the past few years. I'd honestly rather have Sun Belt officials calling the game.


Honorable mentions

Wyoming's uniforms (team and band), San Diego State, Utah State, Arkansas, Urban Meyer's decision to kick the field goal with 30 seconds left while up by 20, SMU, and Central Florida's overtime playcalling against South Florida.


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