WWE Releases Kaval (Brandon Silvestry): Best For Both Worlds

Kenneth KonarzewskiContributor IDecember 25, 2010

Prior warning, this report has a lot of statistics, and used profightdb.com to set them up.  If these statistics are incorrect, I do apologize.

Kaval, aka Brandon Silvestry, was released from the WWE recently per his request, and WWE creative not really having much for the Kaval charcter. 

Kaval, who has plenty of titles in other federations, including the FCW as a tag team champion with Michael McGillicutty, just didn’t seem to be a right fit for the WWE.  Since joining the WWE for his first NXT taping on June 15, Kaval has had a record of 8-21, with wins over Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show (Five Minute Challenge), Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger (Tag Match with Kofi Kingston), and other wins over other NXT members. Seventeen of these matches were on main TV (Smackdown/Raw), and had one PPV Match (Survivor Series 2010 v Dolph Ziggler for IC title).

Kaval was Season Two’s winner of NXT, and you would have to feel that to get some form of push like that, they would have something in mind for them in the near future, but due to injury issues and other circumstances, it was obvious that things had changed. 

With losses to Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Chavo, and Tyler Reks, it seemed that Kaval was just getting jobbed, but to say WWE creative is stupid and can’t see potential is just plain wrong.  WWE wouldn’t be the monster that it is right now with no competition if it wasn’t for their creative team. 

This of course is a double-edged sword, as nothing that he did really worked.  He had a major Internet following, but could never receive the crowd pop that everyone really feels he got. 

What a lot of people really don’t understand is that the WWE does a lot of their writing while at house shows, trying out new storylines.  Sadly Kaval just wasn’t a very interesting wrestler to have a storyline work for him.

I am not taking away from the talent that Kaval has, but it’s just obvious that his skillset of moves just do not work in the WWE.  This of course isn’t the first time that the WWE has brought in Kaval, he has seven matches on various WWF tapings from Oct. 23, 2000 to Jan. 7, 2002. It was obvious that they felt he was a good worker back then as nearly every time they were at MSG doing a taping, he would have a match. 

Let’s look at how he was doing in TNA before he left there early in 2008.  He had a 8-16 at TNA in his final season, 2007-08. We can even go back a little further and start at his first loss (starting in TNA at 7-0), from August 2006 to January 2008 he went 12-22, another losing record for this wrestler.  Digging even deeper, in NWA/TNA he went 17-17 during the Weekly PPV era.

He started his WWE career in FCW on Jan. 8, 2009, and worked all the way until June 2010 when he had his first match on TV (WWE NXT).  It was obvious they really didn’t have any storyline for him then, and when season two of NXT started, they felt they had something going for him, which is why they would have pushed him through NXT. 

So why is this best for Kaval and WWE? 

WWE did not have anything for him, and it is obvious that Kaval likes to wrestle, so he is going to take the advantage of the name he made while on TV, and get a decent sized paycheck for running the indy promotions.  Indy promotions can now promote to the local crowds stating “Former WWE star Senshi/LowKi will be performing”, and will be able to be one of the few people that can run the indy scene and make a decent living. 

Consider this as a public outcry to the IWC.  Stop screaming that he was let go, not everyone you think is good is meant for WWE.  It’s obvious he wasn’t good enough to get some storyline behind him, when people like Chavo Guerrero can still get storylines.