Awesome Kong To the WWE is a Bad Idea: Why the Move is Not a Good One

Christi LottCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2011

Hello all! Sorry I haven't written in forever, but my real life has been hectic and dramatic to say the least, and for a while there, there wasn't much going on to really write about. However, now it's 2011, and I've finally had the chance to make a resolution to really step up my game this year and write about women's wrestling! So, here we go:

This week, we got news that Awesome Kong was heading to the WWE. While this hasn't been 100 percent confirmed, all signs point to yes. For me, however, all signs point to "Oh, no."

I love Kong. She's unique, she's crazy, she's fierce and a asset when it comes to TV ratings, building a division and for overall domination. I loved watching her in TNA and the buildup that happened in that company as those Knockouts strutted their stuff and did something different from the Divas.

They were tough, dirty, grungy, and vicious; and Awesome Kong was at the top of her game in each category. Unfortunately, TNA didn't quite handle their best weapon well, and she said goodbye. Now, with word she's coming to the WWE, here's why I think this won't end well.

For one, for all the reasons I said Kong was great in TNA, they are all the reasons the transition to the WWE won't go over well. For one, the WWE is in the peak of the PG Era. Kong's gimmick, look and work ethic are at its best potential when the ability to be UNLEASHED exists. The best phrase when it comes to her: "Kong Kills Bitches Dead." That can't happen in the WWE.

While the destructive factor works for the men, because they are always meant to be semi-equal and rise above their foes, who could really believe Kong destroying, say, Eve Torres, will mean anything or even be believable if Eve were to attempt to exact revenge?

The Divas, at the end of the day, don't really do vicious. Sure, Michelle McCool did a bit when she turned heel, but the ability to take her out or defeat her existed. That won't or can't happen with Kong.

Now sure, everyone will counter that argument with Beth Phoenix and Natalya or even her old foe Gail Kim. But can Kong's run be with only those Divas? Could she then attempt a face turn and battle McCool, Maryse, Melina or Alicia Fox? Kong is an anomaly, and meant to be as much.

But the fact that there are only a limited few who can take her on doesn't bode well. Though, this was true in TNA, the ability to take her down was spread out in the way they could do it. The PG WWE won't put a chair in the hands of the Bella Twins or a sledgehammer in the hands of Rosa Mendes so they can win, and it makes it difficult to spread Kong around.

Yes, I can go with old argument that Kong doesn't fit the WWE look. It's true. I don't know if the WWE will make her take the braids out, drop some weight, etc. But when I say it, I'm talking about the WWE now.

Chyna worked when she did because of the era she existed in. Legitimately wrestling men was believable in the Attitude Era, and even right before. She fit that mold to the extreme, and Kong does as well. Sure, Beth Phoenix was in the Rumble, but Chyna, at least at the time, could've seriously had a run at winning because the WWE ran with that card.

I don't think the WWE will do that with Kong, because it will run as more of a funny comedy bit than the real deal. Kong could fight Sheamus, Wade Barrett, John Cena, Orton, etc; and even though she's an extremely unique woman, no one wants to see a man legitimately lose to a woman in a serious setting.

My fear with Kong is she will be stuck in a spot she can't get out of. She won't be able to be pushed as far as she can go, and be as great as she can be. I fear her being stuck in a bodyguard gimmick or the comedy gimmick, and turn into the Great Khali. She deserves to be more.

I believe the WWE more than has the ability to use her right. I, for one, cannot wait for the day she goes one on one with Beth Phoenix or Natalya.

The question is if and when it happens, will it mean what it should?