Top 10 College Football Teams After Week 2

Andrew ButlerCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

     1. Georgia Bulldogs

     The most talented football team in the NCAA, but with Jeff Owens injured, players getting in trouble, and playing in a competitive SEC, it may just be a matter of time before they lose their prestige, and a trip to the BCS championship.


     2. Ohio State Buckeyes

     The second most talented team in football, but they struggled against the spread offense last weekend, which will be a clear advantage to Illinois.  If Jim Tressel doesn't address that weakness, it may be a while before he gets another BCS championship under his belt.


     3. USC Trojans

     USC still looks impressive with their huge victory over Virginia.  But I saw Virginia struggle against the Richmond Spiders this weekend.  As powerful as they appeared last week, they might as well played a Division 1-AA team like Richmond.


     4. Florida Gators

     I was impressed by the Miami (FL) defense against the versatile Urban Meyer offense.  But I think the joke was on me when I saw Florida close out the game with 17 points in the fourth quarter. Very funny, Mr. Meyer, I almost thought the Gators were overrated, you caught me red-handed.


     5. Oklahoma Sooners

     Sophomore Sam Bradford succeeded through the air when skeptics questioned his ability to get things done without Malcolm Kelly against an underrated Cincinnati team.  I'm convinced they belong in my top 10, as they should win the Big 12 this year.


     6. Texas Longhorns

     Texas is getting down to business as usual.  They've walked over their opponents this season and our looking good, despite losing Jamaal Charles and Limas Sweed.  If they can stay on track, they could have a great year.


     7. Wisconsin Badgers

     I like my Bucky Badgers, after Marshall scored the first 14 points againt them, they came back and scored 51 straight points after the first quarter. Simply impressive.  Seniors Matt Shaunnessy, Travis Beckum and Allan Evridge lead the Badgers in the easy Big 10 this year.


     8. Alabama Crimson Tide

     After blowing out the Clemson Tigers with arguably the "best" backfield with Spiller and Davis, and Draft prospects Cullen Harper and Aaron Kelly, limiting them to zero offensive touchdowns is worth this ranking.


     9. Texas Tech Red Raiders

     With Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree forming the most dynamic duo in college football this season, and in contention for the Heisman Trophy, they deserve to be No. 9, and they have also built up a defense this year, so they'll be very tough to stop.


     10. Missouri Tigers

     Another Heisman hopeful, QB Chase Daniel, guides Mizzou into this season as Jeremy Maclin, Chase Coffman and William Moore hope to lead them to another bowl game.  Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed by their struggle against Illinois and inability to stop the Illini spread offense, led by Juice Williams.