San Francisco Giants' Gary Brown: The Real Deal Or Not?

Jason AllenCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2010

Gary Brown Minors
Gary Brown Minors

This week on the McCovey Chronicles, a debate roared whether Gary Monseigneur Brown would be spectacular in the majors.

While his draft position may not be Posey-like, he can become Rondell White and span 14 major league seasons.

Think of Brandon Belt: He was a fifth round pick, but came in second in the minors in batting in 2010.

Belt's final numbers for 2010 include an incredible .352 BA, 136 G, 492 ABS, 99 R, 173 H, 43 2B, 10 3B, 23 HR, 112 RBIs, 305 TB, 93 BB, 99 SO, 22 SB, 8 CS, .455 OBP, .620 SLG, and 1.075 OPS.

Belt will come off the unemployment rolls if he can step up to the majors next year.

The answer to the question is up to you.

Who is Gary Brown is most similar to?

Scouting Report for Gary Brown Provided by

Hitting ability: Brown consistently gets the barrel on the ball. It's not pretty, his feet are moving but the bat is always in the right place, particularly against fastballs.

Power: He doesn't look like he should, but he's got some surprising pop.

Running speed: He's got plus, plus speed.

Base running: He wreaks havoc on the basepaths, though he's still raw and needs to learn the nuances of baserunning.

Arm strength: His arm is not quite average and isn't really a part of his game.

Fielding: When he first started playing center, he did not look good out there. But he's improved quickly in his routes and reading the ball off the bat.

Range: With his speed, he's got more than enough range for center.

Physical Description: Brown is an athletic, though not overly big, speedster. He's got a Reggie Willits body type.

Medical Update: Healthy.

Strengths: Plus, plus speed. Better hitting skills than expected.

Weaknesses: He's still raw in many facets of the game.

Summary: There may not have been another hitter in the 2010 Draft class who got off to a hotter start than Brown.

Speed is his best tool and he can wreak havoc on the basepaths. He's got more strength and power than it would seem, and while his approach is unorthodox, he's got good overall hitting skills.

Relatively new to the outfield, he's come a long way in terms of his defensive skills in center. Pure speed guys who can hit don't grow on trees, and if Brown keeps hitting the way he started out the year, he's going to hear his name called sooner rather than later on Draft Day.

2010 Winter Ball League Numbers for Gary Brown: .152 BA, Projected SBs 32.


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