WWE Says Goodbye to Kaval: Why Did He Beat Riley to Win NXT?

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIDecember 23, 2010

The news of Kaval’s release from WWE has been a popular topic today. Like many others I am quite confused about a few things concerning NXT, Kaval’s eventual climb to the top and his eventual disappointing run on SmackDown.

At the end of Season 2, it was clear that Alex Riley was the preferred candidate for a contract at WWE. He was given the job of being the Miz’s apprentice after his loss on NXT and has been doing quite well on Monday Night RAW.

He has been getting a lot of TV time, doing promos, helping the Miz retain the WWE title and was even involved in main events.

On the other hand there is the winner of NXT on SmackDown with no story line, no feud, minimum promos (except with Lay-Cool) and struggling to win matches.

Now when this happened I was puzzling over one question. Why did they let him win NXT? Now a few months later I find myself asking the question again.

If Riley was the preferred superstar, then let him win. I doubt that it is very difficult to manipulate the fans' votes (and I am sure it has been done before).

Instead we have Kaval winning and then going on to be a real failure as a character, which I will have to blame on the writers.

I cannot say that he was allowed to win because of fan appreciation because I am sure that the fans do not appreciate this new bit of news.

Riley was allowed a free pass into RAW with his connection with the Miz, who was his pro at NXT.

This could mean one of two things. Either he was given this role to remain in WWE because he had lost (and they really wanted him to win), this I believe is the most likely answer. 

Otherwise they wanted to play his character in using this avenue. That is, he is still learning under the Miz and they have some big plans for him in the future. If we take the latter as the reason, we then have another question, was this necessary?

Riley could have won NXT and remained with Miz choosing to continue his on the job training. In fact it may have been more interesting with him wanting to go after the WWE title as well.

Another reason could be that Riley is a perfect companion for the Miz and really does a good job of enhancing the character of the WWE Champion. Maybe he is just being used to push Miz more and more as a despicable character (and therefore Orton being portrayed as a stronger character).

Even if this is the case, it still favours Riley. Soon after the announcement that he would be the hired help, his boss won the WWE title.

This put both men on Randy Orton’s naughty list. Suddenly he is feuding with one of the top WWE superstars. Like I said, works out great for him. In the meantime, who is Kaval fighting with?

I have also read unconfirmed reports that he wanted to leave because he did not like the WWE schedule, etc. If this is the case I think he should have given it some more time before he came to this decision.

Finally, it could be an elaborate scheme by the creative team. Perhaps we will see him again soon as we did Bryan Danielson.

(This is an earlier article concerning Riley and Kaval after NXT. Turned out to be right)


Happy holidays to all.