The Rasslin' Awards: Vote for Wrestling's Best of 2010, and the Nominees are...

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIDecember 23, 2010

The Slammys have come and gone, and many people are not happy with some of the winners. So I decided my first Bleacher Report article will be wrestling awards, and you get to vote for each winner, as it should be. The fans are always right!  

I will give out a category for each award, then give out the nominees for each one, and then the fans will vote for whoever they want to win the awards.

I have carefully thought about each category and who should be in each one, so I think you will all be satisfied with them. The voting will end on December 31st, and the winners for each award will be the one with most votes. This is how awards should be chosen, by the fans themselves. Welcome to...THE RASSLIN'S


Shocker of the Year 

In this day and age where the Internet and IWC is thriving, we seem to know everything in wrestling before it happens, often criticizing the companies or their predictability. But every now and then, we are shocked beyond belief, given classic and memorable moments in the process. These twists remain with us forever and are also engraved into the annals of wrestling history. This award will go to the most shocking moment of 2010. 



Debut of Nexus—On June 7th, 2010, the eight rookies of NXT Season One stunned the world as they appeared on Raw, attacked the announcers, destroyed the set and completely annihilated John Cena, becoming the most dangerous group in recent WWE history. 

Jeff Hardy Heel TurnWith TNA’s only entry in this award, the unthinkable happened on 10. 10. 10. of Bound For Glory when the Charismatic Enigma turned his back on his fans and sided with Hogan and Bischoff, becoming TNA World Champion. 

John Cena Forced to Join Nexus—We all thought that Cena would defeat Barrett and end Nexus, whether we like it or not, but we were all proved wrong when Barrett beat Cena, and the face of WWE was forced to join Nexus, much to the shock of everyone, especially little children. 

Miz Cashes in and Becomes Champ—We all knew he was going to cash-in, we just didn’t know when. And when he did, none of us saw it coming.  The day after Survivor Series, the Miz cashed in on a vulnerable Orton and won the WWE Championship, much to the dismay of many. 


Feud of the Year 

There have been many feuds throughout wrestling history, but only a few are remembered for years to come. Matches, intensity, emotion, promos, build-up and personal conflicts are some of the things that make a feud memorable. And this year, we have seen many flops of feud, but have also seen many great feuds. This award will go to the one that is considered the best feud to have happened in 2010. 



Cena vs Nexus—When Nexus attacked Cena, the former WWE Champion promised to take out the group of rebels, and throughout the rest of the year, they waged war. Considered the main rivalry of WWE right now, Cena has done his best to stop Nexus from taking over WWE. From Nexus costing him the WWE Title, to facing them in a classic 7-on-7 elimination match at Summerslam, to being forced to join Nexus, to being fired, Cena has had one goal: destroy Nexus. 

Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns—Two of the best teams in the world today went at each other’s throats for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. They fought for the titles as if it was the only thing that mattered to them, giving their blood, sweat and tears to prove they were the best. Their battles over the summer reminded all of us what tag team wrestling is all about, and their Best of 5 Series is considered one of the greatest series of matches of all time. 

Kane vs Undertaker—Over Memorial Day weekend, the Phenom was attacked and left in a vegetative state. Kane swore to find the culprit, going on a rampage and winning the World Title. But at Summerslam, the Undertaker returned and revealed the assailant as Kane. But the Undertaker was not the same, and Kane dominated his older brother. But when Bearer returned, hope was restored, and the two waged war where it began in Hell in a Cell, but Bearer turned on Taker and Kane suceeded again. In a Buried Alive Match, Kane once again prevailed for a third consecutive time, emerging out of his brother’s shadow. 

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker—At the 2009 Slammys, Michaels made the challenge to Undertaker and his streak for a rematch at Wrestlemania. The next week, the Undertaker refused, leaving Michaels the situation to win the Rumble. When HBK failed, he began to spiral downward so much he lost the Tag Titles to ShowMiz. At Elimination Chamber, the obsession made the Showstopper cost Undertaker the World Title, and because of this, Undertaker accepted Michaels' challenge if he put his career on the line, setting the stage for Streak vs Career. For the next few weeks, the two played psychological warfare with one another, trying to gain the upperhand. At Wrestlemania 26, in a classic, the Phenom defeated HBK, ending his legendary career. 


Mid Card Champion of the Year 

The main event scene of wrestling companies are always packed with the biggest star power, but the mid cards have always been seen as having greater talent than the main event at times. When you win a mid-card title, you know that one day you might win the Big One yourself. The mid cards help open up a show to prepare for the main event. A mid card champion, like any other champion, takes on all comers and holds the belt as long as he can. This award goes to the best mid card champion of 2010. 



Dolph Ziggler—The man of perfection finally captured his first singles from Kofi Kingston on Smackdown in August. Although he had a rocky start getting himself disqualified and counted out in title matches, he took on all challengers, and he always seemed to find a way to win and keep the belt. He beat Kofi Kingston at Night of Champions and defeated others, such as MVP and Masters, to retain the title. His biggest test came in Kaval at Survivor Series, and yet managed to beat the World Warrior with a handful of tights. He has now held the title for nearly four months and could be holding it for longer. 

Doug Williams—Williams started off his singles career well by winning the X Division Title at the beginning of the year from Amazing Red. He was on a mission to kill the X Division, because he felt they mocked real wrestling. For three months he held the title until he was forced to relinquish it after not being able to defend it due to volcanic eruptions. He won the title less than a month later from Kazarian and held onto it for four more months, beating Kendrick in a series of matches, including Ultimate X/Submission match, losing it to Lethal. He is now TNA Televsion Champion, winning it from Styles in a great match, and hopes to bring prestige to it. 

Daniel Bryan—While Daniel Bryan had a rocky start in the WWE, he bounced back, winning the United States Championship from his former mentor, the Miz, at Night of Champions, who many saw rarely defended his title. They had a great match, and Bryan retained his title in a show-stealing Triple Threat Submissions Match at Hell in a Cell. He then went on to have a great series of matches against Dolph Ziggler, winning ever single one. He then successfully defended his United States Championship against Ted DiBiase Jr. in yet another great match. He has held the title for three months, and his matches are a must watch. 

Kofi Kingston—Kingston won the Intercontinental Title from the crybaby known as Drew McIntyre at Over the Limit in a great match, after supposedly winning it in a tournament only for it to be given back to McIntyre per order by Mr. McMahon. He then successfully defended against that very same man two more times at Fatal 4-Way and Smackdown. He competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for Smackdown, giving a Boom Drop off a ladder to Drew through the announcer’s table. He then went on to have a feud with Dolph Ziggler, who was beginning to bring out a vicious side in Kofi. Unfortunately, in the end, Kofi was screwed out of the title by Dolph and Vickie. 


World Champion of the Year 

The world title is the dream of every wrestler who enters the wrestling business. It is the goal that all of them strive for, and when you hold a major world title, you are considered the best. But not every world champ is one in the eyes of the fans. To truly be considered a great world champion, you need to take on all comers, put on memorable matches and hold the title as long as you can. This award will go to the greatest world champion of 2010. 



Rob Van Dam—When The Whole F'n Show debuted in TNA, he was on an instant skyrocket to the top. He defeated AJ Styles to become TNA World Champion on the impact after Lockdown. He then defended the TNA World Champion against Desmond Wolfe and then Styles at Sacrifice, defeated Sting at Slammiversary, then defeated Hardy, Anderson and Abyss at Victory Road, and then retained against Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match. He held the title for four months and only lost it due to an attack by Abyss. 

Kane—After 12 years of bad storylines, putting people over and losing various title matches, the Big Red Machine finally won the World Heavyweight Title when he cashed in Money in the Bank on Mysterio. He has had the longest world title reign of 2010 in WWE, and has done some of the unthinkable. He defeated the former champ Mysterio at Summerslam, then engaged in a feud with his brother, Undertaker. He proceeded to defeat his older brother three consecutive times at PPVs in a No Holds Barred Match, Hell in a Cell and Buried Alive, which is unprecedented. He then kept his title at Survivor Series after a draw, but eventually lost it to Edge in a Fatal 4 Way TLC Match. He has the title for five months and is the fourth longest World Heavyweight Champion in history. 

A.J. Styles—The Phenomenal One can add the longest TNA World Champion in history as another accolade to his belt. He won the title back in 2009, but the majority of his reign happened in 2010. Holding the title for seven months, he was champion for four months in 2010. He turned heel at Genesis, siding with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and defeated men like Samao Joe, Kurt Angle and Pope in amazing matches, and fought Abyss to a no contest, even if he had to cheat a little to do so. His last successful title defense came at Lockdown where he fought the Pope in a steel cage. Unfortunately, the night after, he lost the title to the Whole F’n Show, Rob Van Dam. 

John Cena—While John Cena may not have had as long a reign as the others, he had an amazing rivalry with Batista over the WWE Title. He won the title inside the Elimination Chamber, but was screwed out of the title minutes later by Batista and Mr. McMahon. At Wrestlemania, Cena got his revenge as he beat Batista to regain the title in a great match. At Extreme Rules, he went through a brutal Last Man Standing Match with the Animal, shockingly and smartingly beating Batista with duct tape. He then had an equally brutal I Quit Match with him, retaining the title and beating him for a third time. He lost the title at Fatal 4 Way to Sheamus but only because of the interference of Nexus. His longest reign this year was three months. 


Diva of the Year 

Women throughout the years have been known as valets and managers, but throughout the years we have seen the rise of exceptional woman wrestlers, such as Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James, and Tara. This year has not been a great year as far as the divas go, but despite this, we have seen the rise, dominance, and heart of several women that have made us notice them and acknowledge there skills. This award goes to the best women’s wrestler of 2010.  



Michelle McCool—The girl you love to hate, perhaps the most hated woman wrestler today, has had one hell of a year. One hald of LayCool, she and her partner dominated the divas the whole year. She held gold for nearly the whole year, being the Co-Women’s and Diva’s Champion with Layla, and was also the one to unify the Women’s and Diva’s Titles. While she is without a doubt the most hated woman in WWE with Layla, there’s no denying she has dominated the women’s division of WWE. 

Madison Rayne—Perhaps the most shocking of all the nominees, this girl was once a flunky for the Beautiful People. She won the Women’s Tag Team Titles in TNA, but the biggest shock came when she won the Knockouts Title at Lockdown. We began to take notice as she showed us her skills, soon becoming the leader of the Beautful People herself. She ended the careers of Tara, albeit shortly, and Roxxi, and is a three-time Knockout’s Champion. In just a short amount of time, she went from being a small-time  Beautiful People member, to one of the most dangerous women in wrestling today.  

Natalya—The daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart had a pretty spent most of the year being a valet for the Hart Dynasty. Her big break came when she won a Battle Royal to become the No. 1 Contender for the Diva’s Title. She then showcased her impressive wrestling skills fought both members of LayCool individually, who had to cheat to keep their title. But her dream came true at Survivor Series, the same event where the Montreal Screwjob happened, when she beat LayCool to win the Diva’s Championship for the first time, showing that she was here to stay. 

Angelina Love—The amazing Knockout started out her year by returning from an injury and feuding with the Beautiful People, feeling they replaced her with Von Erich. She won the Knockouts Title in the process, but lost it to Madison Rayne in a steel cage. She then started to take out the Beautiful People one by one, and won the title from Rayne at Victory Road. But she was forced to give it back up to Madison, but won it back soon enough. Reuniting with Velvet Sky, she won back the title again to become a six-time champion and held it up to Bound For Glory. 


Despicable Moment of the Year 

We see a lot of heroic moments throughout the year, but there are always those moments displayed by the bad guys that make us sick and hate them even more. These are moments that truly show the heartlessness and evil that is within these men and that they have no compassion whatsoever. These acts of disgust show that they only care about themselves and will do anything to get what they want or settle a score. This award goes to the most despicable moment displayed in 2010.



Sheamus attacks HHH while saying goodbye to Michaels—On the Raw where HBK was going to say goodbye to the WWE, Triple H was giving out an emotional farewell to his friend, but during the course of it, Sheamus attacked Triple H from behind with a pipe. The Celtic Warrior was hell-bent on revenge agaist HHH but showed absolutely no care for Michaels and Triple H’s friendship, or the emotions the Game was feeling at the moment. 

CM Punk singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter—On a Smackdown before Wrestlemania, Rey wanted to share his family’s happiness with the world and celebrate his daughter’s birthday with them. But the CM Punk and his SES, angry with being eliminated by Mysterio in the Chamber, decided to get back at him. He proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to Rey’s daughter in the most despicable, creepiest way imaginable, possibly scarring the girl for life. 

Bischoff forces Anderson to compete with concussion—Mr. Anderson suffered a concussion at the hands of Jeff Hardy and a steel chair, but Bischoff didn’t see fit to let him rest. Determined to end Anderson’s career, he placed Anderson in a Chain Match with Jarrett. In a conversation with Morgan, he showed how he had no care for the health or safety of other wrestlers and only cared about money and ratings. 

Nexus attacks Steamboat and WWE Legends—On Monday Night Raw, WWE Legends of the past decided to celebrate the legendary career of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in the middle of the ring with the world. But Nexus came out and surrounded all of them, and one by one plucked them until only Steamboat remained. Then, in an act of remorselessness, the rebels proceeded to destroy the legend, showing no care for him or his legacy.  


“Oh My God!” Moment of the Year 

We see many great moments and moves throughout the years, but there are always those particular ones that leave us stunned, leave our mouths gaping and are beyond the extreme. At the sight of these moves, we cannot help but shout “Oh My God!” as it sums up the move perfectly. Made famous by Joey Styles, this phrase is only reserved for some of the craziest moves we see. This award goes to the craziest move in 2010 that made us say “Oh My God!” 



Morrisson Dives off Entrance Set—At Hell in a Cell, Morrisson competed in a Triple Threat Submission Count Anywhere Match, where he then proceeded to steal the show by jumping probably 15ft off the entrance set and down onto his opponents. 

Orton RKO’s Bourne in Mid-Air—We have seen that Orton can nail the RKO from anywhere, but this was completely insane. On the Raw before Money in the Bank, Bourne attempted Air Bourne on Orton, but the Viper perfectly caught him with an RKO in mid-air. 

Angle Moonsaults off Steel Cage—In what was without a doubt one of the best matches of 2010, Angle once again stole the show when he climbed to top of the steel cage at Lockdown and landed a moonsault on Mr. Anderson, his skull crashing into Anderson’s. 

John Cena AA’s Batista Through Stage—Love or hate him, Cena provided us with an “OMG!” moment when he fought Batista at Over the Limit. Being threatened by Cena, Batista quit to give the Champ the win, but that didn’t stop Cena from giving the Attitude Adjustment off the car, Batista crashing right through the stage in the process. 


Stable of the Year 

There have been many great stables in the past that have left their mark in wrestling history: The Four Horsemen, the New World Order, D-Generation X and Evolution. These stables, along with others, made history together, and this year saw the rise of many stables who sought to make their own mark on wrestling history. Standing together, they provided us with as many "Best of" moments as they could to dominate pro wrestling. This award goes to the best stable of 2010. 



Nexus—Perhaps the stable no one saw coming, the group first comprised of the rookies from Season 1 of NXT. They destroyed Raw and Cena on their debut. They then proceeded to completely dominate Raw for three months straight, attacking the likes of Steamboat, Hart and McMahon. They main-evented Summerslam against Team WWE. They continued to make their presence felt, getting Cena to join their ranks, and humiliated the almighty “Superman” of WWE like we never thought could be done, and also captured the Tag Team Titles. 

Fortune—The supposed modern version of the Four Horsemen created by the Nature Boy in TNA. The Core Four of the group comprised of Styles, kaz and Beer Money, with Morgan and Williams recruited. With some of the best wrestlers of today, the group then proceeded to dissect EV2.0, feeling they were a blight on wrestling. They dominated the group at every turn and wiped them off TNA. They also captured the Television and X Division Titles in their rank and sided with Immortal. 

Immortal—Even though they have only been active for two months, they have already taken over TNA. After months of planning, “They” took over TNA with Jeff Hardy as TNA World Champion after playing everyone for fools. They then recruited Fortune at their side, making them even stronger. People like The Pope and Samoa Joe tried to stand up against their tyrannical rule, but they all fell, in the end, against their might. They’ve given Anderson a concussion and kept Morgan away from the World Title, asserting their ultimate power. 

Straight Edge Society—The SES, despite a tragic end, started out pretty damn good in 2010. In the name of their Straight Edge Savior, CM Punk, they attempted to capture Tag Team Gold but failed. They then feuded with Rey Mysterio, the group’s premier rivalry, with Luke Gallows even gaining a few victories over the masked superstar in the process. Punk and Mysterio traded wins at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, with Hair and Straight Edge Pledges on the line in each one. The feud is considered one of the best, and the SES’ golden days ended when Punk lost and got his hair shaved. 


Tag Team of the Year 

2010 was not the best year for tag teams overall, but yet we saw the rise of some of the greatest tag teams ever, and even saw the breakups of quite a few. After halfway through the year, we saw some of the greatest tag team wrestling in years. Throughout all the tag teams that have risen and broken up this year, four have emerged as the best of the year. This award goes to the best tag team of 2010. 



Hart Dynasty—The Hart Dynasty was one of the best tag teams we’ve seen in WWE recently. They started off by challenging DX for the Tag Titles, but fell just a bit short. A few months later, they defeated ShoMiz in a gauntlet match at Extreme Rules, and then beat them again for the Tag Titles, finally climbing to the top of the mountain. Their chemistry in the ring, along with their perfect blend of speed and power, made for a tag team that impressed us all in the ring, holding the title for five long months. Unfortunately, the team would soon break up, much to our dismay.

Beer Money—One of the best tag teams in the world had a good year overall. They started off challenging for the British Invasion’s Tag Titles but were screwed by Nash in the end. They disappeared for awhile after that, but then reappeared, joining Bischoff as they wanted to get noticed by the new management. They represented Team Flair in the annual Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown, giving out a pretty good showing in the match. They then feuded with Machine Guns in what was perhaps the greatest tag team rivalry in recent memory, stealing the show countless times in their matches. They then aligned themselves with Fortune, and now Immortal, and are now the No. 1 Contenders for the Tag Titles. 

Motor City Machine Guns—2010 had to be the best year for the Guns, starting off by beating GenME in an Ultimate X Match, becoming No. 1 Contenders, but failing to win the titles. After earning the spot again, they finally achieved their life long dream at Victory Road, beating Beer Money in a critically acclaimed tag team match. They then went on to face Beer Money in perhaps the best series in pro wrestling history, retaining their titles in the end. They then entered a feud with GenME, defending their titles against the Young Bucks, eventually beating them in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. The Guns have showed us their worth in the tag team division. 

Generation ME—The Young Bucks burst onto the scene in amazing fashion, upsetting the Guns in their debut match, earning everyone’s attention. They then faced them again in an Ultimate X Match, but eventually lost. They disappeared off the big scene for a while until No Surrender, failing to win the Title from the Guns, then attacked them after the match. Revitalized, GenME repeatedly attacked the Guns and faced off agaisnt them at Bound For Glory in a great tag match. The feud came to an explosive head in a Full Metal Mayhem Match, and while GenME didn’t win, they showed the world what they were really made of. 


Beatdown of the Year 

Since the beginning of wrestling, the bad guys have always given beatings to our heroes in an attempt to get one over them. But there are always those beatdowns that are more brutal than any others given to another person. These beatdowns make us cringe at every blow given and just leave us in shock at the very sight of them. This year we saw plenty of those kind of beatdowns that simply put us in absolute disgust or awe, and we will remember for a long time. This award goes to the winner of the biggest beatdown given in 2010. 



Fortune ambushes and bloodies EV2.0—The ECW originals, after Hardcore Justice, came out to the Impact Zone to have one final goodbye to the fans. Instead, they were treated to the beatdown of their lives as the lights went out, and when they did, Fortune appeared with weapons and proceeded to dismantle EV2.0. The ECW alumni had no chance as they were bloodied before our eyes, being dissected before our very eyes with the weapons they had once used in their glory days. Fortune left them all lying in a pool of their own blood at the end of the day. 

Nexus’ trio of beatdowns on Raw—If their was ever a master of beatdowns, Nexus would take that title. With such utter beatings as their M.O., their first three attacks were their most memorable. Debuting on Viewer’s Choice Raw, they proceeded to destroy the Superman of WWE, sending him out of the arena on a stretcher. The next Raw, they proceeded to stuff the GM of Raw, Bret Hart, in a limo and crashed him around the lot into other cars as retaliation for firing Barrett. Then, on the next Raw, they proceeded to destroy the Chairman of WWE, sending him into a coma, proving they answered to no one and that their motto was true: You’re either Nexus...or your against us! 

Bret Hart and his family destroy McMahon—Retribution finally came for Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 26 when he faced McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match. The evil Chairman tried to screw Bret again, supposedly buying off the entire Hart family and having them as lumberjacks. But it was revealed that they were Harts all the way and that Vince screwed Vince. What happened next was McMahon eating a Hart attack, several beatings from the Hart family and multiple steel chair shots by the Hitman before finally tapping out to the Sharpshooter. 

Kane annihilates his brother on Smackdown—If you want to talk about utter domination, look no further than the destruction of Undertaker by his own brother, Kane. As Undertaker came down to the ring, Kane ambushed his brother from behind. From there, it was academic, as Kane would go on to completely manhandle the Demon from Death Valley with little effort. The Phenom barely got any offense as he was tossed around the arena. Kane would then go on to use his own brother’s moves against him and finished him off with a Tombstone Piledriver, a sight unseen in WWE history. 


Breakout Star of the Year 

Every year we see new stars come into the WWE hoping to make a name for themselves. Some succeed in doing so, while others fall to the point of jobbers. But there are some where we say: That guy is going to be great one day. These men make us believe in their ability with their in-ring ability, their mic skills and their list of accomplishments in just their starting year. These breakouts make us say that they are going to be world champs some day. This award goes to the wrestler with the best start in 2010. 



Wade Barrett—The leader of Nexus himself had an amazing year in 2010. He started out in NXT Season One, and once he gave out his Winds of Change speech, we knew this guy was going to be great. He won NXT unsurprisingly, and then shockingly led the other rookies on a rampage on Raw as the Nexus. Known as perhaps the most dominant group in WWE in years, Barrett led the group unchallenged. He was easily vaulted in the main event, main eventing five PPVs this year, part of multiple WWE Title matches. He had an amazing feud with John Cena, even beating him and having him join the Nexus. Wade Barrett may not be a world champ yet, but he is certainly on his way there. 

Alberto Del Rio—It’s hard to remember someone who made such an impact and garner so much heat in such a short time. Del Rio burst onto the scene rather quickly, defeating Rey Mysterio on his debut. He then injured Mysterio’s wrist, and soon did the same with Christian’s pectoral muscle. He berated Mysterio at every turn and had an amazing match with Master of the 619. He led a Survivor Series team and wasn’t even eliminated officially as he was knocked out by Big Show. He ended his year with a bright future, being a part of the amazing Fatal Four Way TLC Match for the World Title. Ladies and Gentlemen, Alberto is here to stay. 

Justin Gabriel—The South-African Sensation probably has the brightest future of those in Nexus aside from Barrett. When he showed up on NXT, he quickly impressed everyone with his high-flying style of wrestling. While he was eliminated at the top 3, he showed us that he was going to be great one day. He reappeared as a member of the dreaded Nexus, his 450 Splash becoming their favorite maneuver to end their signature beatings, becoming one of the most dangerous moves in WWE in the process. He won the WWE Tag Team Titles with Heath Slater, becoming a very good tag team in the process. Gabriel has got a bright future outside of the Nexus. 

Daniel Bryan—If there was anyone who had a more rollercoaster year than Bryan, I would be quite surprised. The wishes of the IWC were fulfilled when he appeared on NXT, quickly impressing the WWE Universe. But he was one of the first eliminated, due to his lack of confidence in himself. Out of frustration, he joined the Nexus in their initial attack on Raw, but quickly felt remorse and was kicked out. He returned at the main event of Summerslam, showing us why he was the American Dragon in the process. He captured the United States Championship from the Miz and participated in some of the most amazing matches this year. Daniel Bryan is going to be great one day in the WWE. 


PPV of the Year 

Pay per views are a staple in pro wrestling and sports entertainment in this day and age. It's where the culmination of feuds and title matches are. It’s where some of the biggest moments in wrestling history are bound to happen, and we pay money just to be entertained on those nights. Some PPVs are big bombs, while others are great hits. And there are some that stand out above the rest and will be remembered for quite a while. This award goes to the best Pay Per View of 2010.



TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs—WWE couldn’t have ended 2010 on a higher note, as the most dangerous PPV of the year for WWE didn’t have a match that disappointed. Dolph Ziggler managed to keep his title in a great Triple Threat Ladder Match, and Natalya and Beth got their revenge on LayCool, putting them through the table. Morrisson and Sheamus stole the show in a critically acclaimed Ladder Match, with Morrisson finally breaking the glass ceiling. Miz once again stole the victory from Orton in a Tables Match, nearly tricking the ref into thinking he was put through a table, then putting the man through a table via Riley. An amazing Fatal 4 Way TLC Match saw Edge claim his 10th World Title, and Cena and Barrett duked it out in a brutal Chairs Match, which ended with Cena burying the Nexus leader under 23 chairs. 

Wrestlemania 26—What would the nominees for this category be without the Grandaddy of Them All?! This year’s Wrestlemania featured a first-ever ten man Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which was pretty good, seeing the shocking win of Jack Swagger. Bret Hart finally got his retribution, making Vince tap out to the Sharpshooter; Chris Jericho and Edge put on a great match, with Edge spearing Jericho through the barricade; Orton coming on top of his former Legacy mates; Triple H defeated Sheamus in a surprise hit match; the two titans of WWE, Batista and John Cena, collided for the WWE Title; and HBK and the Phenom battled it out in a classic Streak vs Career, with Michaels saying farewell to the WWE. 

Money in the Bank—If there was ever a surprise hit for a PPV, this would be it. The PPV featured two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, one for each brand. In the first one, Kane shockingly walked out the winner in an acclaimed match, earning a World Title Shot. Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger in what was a great wrestling match, retaining his World Title, but Kane cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract afterwards and gained his first World Title in over 12 years. The second Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which also did not disappoint, saw Miz shockingly win the coveted briefcase, setting the future in motion. And the main event saw the Nexus screw Cena again out of the WWE Title in a steel cage match with Sheamus. 

Night of Champions—The one PPV of the year that saw every title did not disappoint in the slightest. Ziggler retained his IC Title in his first clean win against Kofi Kingston in a good match. Daniel Bryan defeated the Miz in an amazing match to win the United States Championship, his first title in the WWE, and Michelle McCool became the woman to unify the Women’s and Diva’s Championship. Kane finally stepped out of his brother’s shadow after defeating the Undertaker in a brutal No Holds Barred Match, retaining the World Heavyweight Championship. Randy Orton finally won the WWE Championship in a big time Six Pack Elimination Challenge, which saw Jericho shockingly eliminated within two minutes of the contest. 


Match of the Year 

In wrestling, there are thousands of matches put on for us, the fans. Some are good, while others are complete flops. But every year, we always see those matches that are better than any others combined. That's the wrestling that lives on in our memories as some of the greatest matches ever put on. This year, we saw plenty of those matches, some were expected, some were surprise hits, but they were no doubt amazing wrestling matches that we will never forget. Due to amazing matches put on by both companies, there will be eight nominees. This award goes to the best match of 2010. 



Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle, No Surrender—In a surprise hit, the Charismatic Enigma and Olympic Gold Medalist went at it for an amazing 30 minutes that featured Swanton Bombs, Twist of Fates, Angle Slams, Ankle Locks, moves from the top rope and to the outside, which unfortunately ended in a timeout. 

John Cena vs Wade Barrett, Hell in a Cell—The leader of Nexus took on the face of WWE in an incredible match that saw the forced ejection of Nexus, amazing wrestling, counters and both taking finishers that didn’t end it. In the end, McGillicutty and Hariss cost Cena the match, forcing him to join Nexus. 

Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy, Bound for Glory—Three of the greatest stars in TNA duked it out in an explosive Triple Threat Match for the vacant TNA World Title. It lived up to all the hype, as they hit each other with everything they had, yet it still was not enough. In the end, Jeff turned on TNA and became World Champ. 

Team WWE vs The Nexus, Summerslam—With the fate of the WWE at stake, the best WWE had to offer faced off against the rebellious Nexus in a battle for the ages, which even rivaled the WWF vs Alliance battle at Survivor Series 2001. After a long, lengthy battle between the two groups, John Cena emerged the sole survivor, silencing Nexus. 

Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle, Lockdown—We never expected this match to be as good as it was, yet it was. In the most personal battle of the night, Anderson and Angle brutalized each other in the steel cage, busting each other open, with Angle landing a moonsault off the top of the cage, and Anderson giving the double middle finger to Angle. In the end, Angle won after choking out the Loudmouth with his Gold Medal chains. 

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, Wrestlemania 26—When the rematch from WM25 was announced as Streak vs Career, it became the most anticipated match in Wrestlemania history. The two recreated their last encounter, giving out an amazing wrestling classic on the Grandest Stage of Them All. In the end, Taker went 18-0, and Michaels’ legendary career was over. 

Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money, Inc., Victory Road—These two teams reminded us what tag team wrestling was all about. With the vacant World Tag Team Titles on the line, two of the best teams in the world gave us everything they got to be the best, their match having us on the edge of our seat throughout. The MCMG finally climbed the top of the mountain, claiming the Tag Titles. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan, Bragging Rights—When this was announced, we all knew it was going to be good, but it turned out to be an amazing classic. With two champions facing off against each other, the two wrestled their hearts out, even earning a “This is awesome!” chant from the crowd. Bryan won by making Ziggler tap out, but these two showed us they could play in the big leagues and deliver as well. 


Superstar of the Year 

Every wrestler and superstar tries their best to achieve a list of accolades that make them legends in our business. Many fail in doing so, but there are some that achieve accomplishments in the span of one year that cannot help but impress us, whether we love him or hate him. These stars show us that they are among the best of the best, and were better than everyone else that year. They are the best, and we have no choice but to acknowledge them. This award goes to the superstar with the best resume and year in 2010. 



For this award, there will be no nominees. For such a prestigious award, you, the fans, will have free choice as to who you think is Superstar of the Year. Choose wisely. 

I hope my first article impressed all of you and that you all vote for the best of 2010. The fans are always right, and you deserve a choice in who deserves such awards. Voting ends on December 31st, and I will tally the votes and give out the winners soon after that. Hope you liked the article, and vote!


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