Philadelphia Eagles Fans: Who You Need To Root for This Weekend and Why

WesAnalyst IDecember 23, 2010

The attire is not required, but you get the point.
The attire is not required, but you get the point.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL usually shoves a pile of unwatchable games down our throats every Sunday afternoon and night and then caps it off with a tolerable Monday night showdown between two teams that we are supposed to find interesting.

Now we get an extra helping of putrid games on Thursday night and Saturday night.

The league doesn't do this on purpose. That's what happens when there are so many bad teams.

This week continues the daily dose of pathetic games starting on Thursday with Carolina vs. Pittsburgh. I can't imagine anyone outside of Steelers fans watching that game. Maybe someone has Big Ben or Rashard Mendenhall in a fantasy football league, but other than that, no one cares.

The slop-fest continues on Saturday with Dallas vs. Arizona, which, oh by the way, is not a Christmas gift anyone wants. Tune in Christmas night to watch the Wild West Showdown between Jon Kitna and John Skelton. I don't even know if Skelton is starting and I honestly don't care. And neither should you. 

The Sunday night game between Philadelphia and Minnesota will be watched only by Philadelphia and Chicago fans and people who have Adrian Peterson or Michael Vick on their fantasy roster. Other than that, there is no need to watch.

And if you are thinking about betting on any of these games, allow me to offer a suggestion. Pull your pants down and chase around your wife or girlfriend for three hours. It will be much more rewarding and you'll be happier in the end.

We finally get a break on Monday night with a great matchup between the Falcons and Saints, but everything else is still a pathetic excuse for entertainment.

Does anyone care about Houston battling Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos? Only if you're one of the losers who bought a Tebow jersey. And since it is the highest-selling jersey this year I am going to assume there are a lot of you out there.

Or how about Detroit at Miami? How about, "No."

Oh wait. I have a great one. Two teams battling for the division title has to be great, right? Well not when it's St. Louis vs. San Francisco.

Now that I've made you realize how awful the NFL product is, allow me to point out three games that will have Philadelphia Eagles fans glued to the TV along with who you need to root for and why.

Chicago Bears vs. New York Jets

This one is a no-brainer. Everyone in Philadelphia is a huge Jets fan Sunday afternoon because a Jets win gives Philadelphia an inside track to the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

I wish there was more to explain, but that's why it's a no-brainer.

New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

This one is tough even though it shouldn't be.

If Green Bay wins, the Eagles automatically clinch a playoff berth. That alone should be enough of a reason to root for the Packers.

Another reason to hop on board with the Pack is playoff seeding.

Suppose the Bears beats the Jets. The Eagles would need Chicago to lose the following week to Green Bay. And if the Packers beat the Giants they will have plenty of motivation to try and avenge an earlier loss to Chicago while trying to clinch a playoff berth.

Then why in the world should you not root for Eli Manning and the Giants?

Because you would rather see the Giants in the playoffs instead of the Packers. I know that's not much to hold onto, but that's all I got for the opposite side.

The Eagles have already beaten the Giants twice and if they saw them again in the playoffs I am confident they would beat them a third time.

If they faced the Packers though? I would not like to see what Aaron Rodgers does to our secondary.

To counter that argument, you would realize there is not much to fear with the Packers getting into the playoffs. Green Bay would be a No. 6 seed, which means the only time they could play the Eagles would be the NFC Championship.

And I don't think the Packers are going to run the gauntlet of beating Chicago and Atlanta in back-to-back weeks.

In the end we are all rooting for various shades of green as we are backing the Jets and Pack.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints

This is where Eagles fans will start to dream.

Everyone in Philly will be rooting for New Orleans to beat Atlanta because it brings the Eagles one step closer to earning the No. 1 overall seed.

It definitely could happen, but I don't see the Falcons dropping one of the biggest game in franchise history on Monday night.

But if they do?

The Eagles would need Atlanta to lose the following week at home to Carolina along with a New Orleans loss at home to Tampa Bay.

After the miracle ending to the 2008 season I can't say it is impossible, but we all know it is highly unlikely.

Regardless of the odds, Eagles fans will need to back the Saints for at least the simple fact that they don't want either Atlanta or New Orleans to rest their starters in the final week and gain any more of an advantage heading into the playoffs.