WWE: Harrison's Top 10 Matches Of 2010: No. 10, The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2010

Harrison's #10 Match of the Year: The Miz vs Daniel Bryan from Night of Champions 2010
Harrison's #10 Match of the Year: The Miz vs Daniel Bryan from Night of Champions 2010

Hello everyone, Featured Columnist Andre Harrison here, and I have a very nice announcement to make. After a serious lack of content from me in recent weeks (I apologize, blame my University!), I've decided that I shall be writing one new article EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!

That's right, one new column every day for ten days, until New Year's Day! So to fill in this ten day marathon, I shall be talking about the very best 10 matches of 2010 from the WWE, giving an in-depth report, the back story of the match and what I thought of it, before being all Meltzer-ific and giving a star rating at the end. So, let's cover Harrison's No. 10 Match of 2010!

The Backstory

To the incredible excitement of the entire Internet Wrestling Community, Daniel Bryan (Danielson) debuted with the WWE in February this year on the very first season of NXT on SyFy, with his "pro" being The Miz, the man with half his experience.

Anywho...Daniel Bryan was constantly berated and attacked by his pro, saying that he'd "never make it in the WWE." After Daniel admitted he probably should have been eliminated, the WWE did just that, and he was first man eliminated from the NXT competition. 

Daniel Bryan made his shocking return as part of The Nexus attack in July. However, due to his choking of ring announcer Justin Roberts, he was "released" by the company. He then returned AGAIN in August 2010 at Summerslam, taking The Miz's place for Team WWE against The Nexus in a Elimination 7-on-7 Tag Team Main Event. During the match, The Miz attacked Bryan from behind with his Money in the Bank briefcase, getting himself eliminated. After multiple confrontations on RAW, they finally locked up at WWE's Night of Champions in September 2010.

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan (United States Championship Match), Night of Champions, September 2010

Bryan went for his submission hold with the LeBell Lock early, but Miz avoided it and headed to ringside where he received a pep talk from Riley. Cole questioned what Gene LeBell has to do with Bryan. 

Cole sounded off on Bryan for not having any charisma and questioned why anyone would want to watch him. It probably wasn't great timing given that the fans were pretty quiet at that point in the match. Riley got involved around 4:15, wrenching Bryan's arm over the ropes while Miz distracted the referee.

Miz hit a nice shoulder breaker at 4:55. The crowd was pretty flat and one fan could be heard yelling "boring." Bryan woke up the crowd with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Miz at ringside. Cole pointed out that was the same move Bryan used on Chris Jericho during his first match on NXT. Nice call.

Back inside the ring, Bryan scored a couple of near falls while continuing to sell the damage that Miz had done by targeting his left shoulder earlier in the match. They traded punches mid-ring and Bryan got the better of it at 8:00. He followed up with a nice dropkick in the corner.

Bryan pointed at Miz, who was on his knees. Bryan blasted Miz with a kick to the head and went for a cover, but Miz kicked out. Bryan put Miz on the top rope, sold the shoulder and then went up to the second rope. Miz fought him off and crotched Bryan on the top rope. Miz followed up with a nice clothesline that knocked Bryan off the top rope. 

The Miz went back to work on Bryan's shoulder by wrenching on it until Bryan got his foot on the ropes to break the hold. Miz went for his finisher, but Bryan countered it into a pinning situation for a near fall. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock, but Riley distracted him. 

Bryan went after Riley. Miz tried to clothesline Bryan, taking out Riley instead. Bryan rolled up Miz for a really good near fall. Bryan ended up at ringside and took out Riley by running him into the ring post. Back inside the ring, Miz was in control of the match with a series of punches. 

The referee pulled Miz off Bryan to break up the punches. Moments later, Bryan caught Miz in the LeBell Lock. Miz fought for a few seconds, but tapped out to end the match via submission. Bryan celebrated with the United States Championship after the match as the live crowd cheered...

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Daniel Bryan (12:27)

Harrison's Analysis: Now this was an awesome match. If anyone has even seen five percent of Bryan Danielson's independent work, you'd know exactly how good this man can be, and he moulded into the WWE style of wrestling perfectly well. No doubt, this match was easily the best single performance ever out of The Miz as well, who did a great storytelling job of trying to work Daniel's arm, so that he couldn't hit the LeBell Lock, which Daniel sold brilliantly during the course of the match as well.

The only thing that stops it from getting an even HIGHER rating was the fact it was rather short. I'd have LOVED to have seen another five minutes from these two, as it was getting really good towards the end as well. But still, The Miz's best match ever, and Match of the Night from Night of Champions in my eyes at least.

Harrison Match Rating: **** Stars

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