Royal Rumble: The Chances Are None, Why a Winner Has Already Been Chosen

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2010

The Royal Rumble—one of the most exciting PPV's of the year.

The one where every wrestler has a shot at headlining Wrestlemania. Well, that's what every kid around the world believes anyway. This year's Royal Rumble has not even started a road yet, but I fear the winner has already been made.

Pro Wrestling Torch has announced that the Road to the Rumble will start Monday. The focus of Raw from now on until the Rumble, you might ask, will be on John Cena making it through the Rumble to headline Wrestlemania.

Yes, John Cena, the golden child, the face of the WWE, will once again be in the spotlight of another PPV.

Now I will try to stay away on rants about why this idea blows, but really this is a terrible idea.

We all know he is going to be there anyway, so why waste a rumble victory on him? It's as if WWE thinks he won't be in the main event.

Now, I can get that the other big name guys will have their own road that involve other wrestlers, such as:

Sheamus—Pretty sure we all can see some type of match against HHH.

Edge—He is the champ and most likely will hold the belt until Wrestlemania.

Alberto Del Rio—Probably still be in the hunt for a world title or a match against Christian or Mysterio.

Miz—Maybe a title defense against either Cena, Morrison or Barrett. Maybe even all four.

CM Punk—Possibly a Cena match.


So, why would Cena winning the Rumble even be a remote possibility?

I hate to say this because I still believe the smart thing would be to make Christian win, but the real guy I can realistically see winning is CM Punk.

Now I know that is kind of contradicting what I am trying to get at because most people, myself too, believe that it will be Cena against Punk at Wrestlemania.

The main difference between Cena winning and Punk winning is simple.

Winning the Rumble would mean nothing to Cena. Think about it. John Cena, face of the WWE, he has held the world belt like 9-10 times already. He is in movies, TV shows, does everything the WWE asks of him.

Really, I am not saying the guy is bad for winning, but it just seems like it would mean more if Punk won the Rumble.

I really hope I am wrong about this and someone else does win the Royal Rumble.

What do you guys think? If the WWE does start some sort of "Cena for the Rumble" thing, does anyone else have a realistic chance at winning?