WWE/TNA Top 10 Stories of 2010, No. 10: Chris Jericho, Gregory Helms Arrested

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2010

What better way to say goodbye to the year 2010 than to count down the 10 biggest stories of the year in professional wrestling?  This 10-part series is designed to do exactly that, and each installment will be dedicated to the stories that fueled the very Internet fodder that makes the dirt-sheet media world go round. 


No. 10.  Hammered with the Hurricane:  Chris Jericho, Gregory Helms arrested for Public Intoxication

The year 2010 saw the continuation of the ever-evolving relationship between professional wrestling and the Internet.  Big-name wrestlers opened Twitter accounts in droves.  Embittered wrestlers voiced their frustrations through said Twitter accounts routinely.  

Thousands of Matt Hardy fans got to see their favorite washed-up tag team legend melt down, with each increasingly bizarre entry, via YouTube.

And then there was TMZ.  

TMZ's ubiquitous stranglehold on the entertainment world seemed to carry over to the sports entertainment world more than ever in 2010.  Wrestlers behaving badly gave TMZ ample material to work with when it came to getting a juicy scoop involving a pro wrestler.

Amidst Alex Riley's DUI and the brawl at Hulk Hogan's wedding, no scoop seemed to garner more attention than Chris Jericho's wild ride with Gregory "The Hurricane" Helms.  

Just nights before the Royal Rumble, while on a live tour with the WWE, police responded to a phone call made from a gas station claiming that two men were fighting in a car.  

By God, the mysterious gas station was right as police arrived just in time to slap handcuffs on WWE superstars Gregory Helms and Chris Jericho.  

But wait, there's more.

The fun didn't stop with Jericho and Helms as new details of this odd story broke by the day.  As new information became available, it would later be revealed that not only were Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms involved in a furious, drunken, backseat brawl, but an unidentified female (later identified as Ashley Storer) had been struck in the face as she literally found herself in the middle of it.

Since bizarre pro wrestling stories all seem to involve Matt Hardy these days, it was only fitting that Matt Hardy's name later surfaced as being present during the brawl. 

With so many WWE superstars involved in such a confined space so close to the Royal Rumble, was it so far out of the realm of possibility that the principles involved were simply practicing for the 30-man, over-the-top-rope main event?  

All these rapid-fire details weren't even the coup de gras.  Police later found muscle relaxers (Somas) on Hurricane Helms during the time of his arrest, debunking the myth that superheroes don't use drugs.

The discovery of the Somas served as a smoking gun that would eventually do Helms in as a WWE superstar as well as lead to the banning of Somas entirely from the WWE.  

As a result of the playfight from Hell, the Hurricane was pulled from the Royal Rumble (pay-per-view bonus and all) and released from the company, but not before being embarrassed on national television when his mugshot was displayed on the Titantron for the judging eyes of the WWE universe to see.  

The WWE didn't dare pull any of that crap with Chris Jericho for obvious reasons.  

Like any good story in the never ending news cycle dedicated to the world of entertainment, 'Hammered with the Hurricane I' (here's to hoping for a sequel) slowly began to die down as all parties involved became more distanced from the incident.  

Such a wild story was a formidable kickoff for a newsworthy 2010 in pro wrestling that wasn't short on bizarre stories and meltdowns.

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