Christian Cage: The Instant Classic. A Must Own For Peeps: A Big ? Answered

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2011

I know I have put up quite a few articles about Christian lately, well a little more than usual, but this one I feel is the best one to put out there.

Christian Cage: The Instant Classic is the documentary of Christian and was made by TNA. The only downside about this was that it contained pretty much little to no info about where his real success came from, WWE.

Now I know obviously because it's a TNA thing that any WWE stuff would be cut out and WWE has about as much a chance to put out any Christian videos than they have of making Zach Ryder WWE champion. 

That is pretty much the only bad thing about it. There are some very good matches on it and it includes some real insight into the life and career of Christian.

The real big thing I heard that was really messed up was in the interviews. In a section titled "Cage makes the jump" Christian goes into telling us how and why he switched to TNA. As he was talking I kept thinking the only reason he switched was because he was getting screwed. He said that he was over very well with the crowd, heel or face, and this was true.

The funny thing was what he said after that. " I thought, and even the crowd thought I was finally going to get put over. I racked my brain a trillion times to try to figure out why I wasn't but I could not find anything".

It turns out the toll of being on the road like 390 days of the year, yes I know there are only 365, was the only decision in the factor. It is no secret that the WWE is not good at giving wrestlers time off or limiting the schedules but if this is the only real reason for his departure then I have one question that I have asked a million times.

"If he didn't leave because he wasn't being pushed, then why is he still being screwed?"