The AP Got It Wrong: Top Five in the Wrong Order!

Emily ThompsonCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

On Saturday, Sep. 6, this Buckeye was stuck at a 12-hour shift at the ever-failing Steve & Barry's—effectively ruining this glorious day.  So I've decided to give my opinions on the Top Five (AP).  I have to get some football into my system—I'm having withdrawal.


1. USC

As a Buckeye, I'm still uninspired, and I felt like a traitor for typing the letters U-S-C, but still.  No game this week.  How they stay No. 1 without proving anything, I don't know.  Sure, they dominated a very down Virginia last week, but other teams dominated both weeks.  I'm not saying they are a bad team—I'm just saying they are a No. 2 team.


2. Georgia

After being snubbed via AP/Coaches/any poll in the world last week, the Bulldogs did just fine.  I'm still shocked they are below USC (again with the letters).  In my opinion, they started out No. 1, they played like No. 1, and they deserve to be No. 1.  They have done nothing to even hint that they shouldn't be, yet USC sits perched in their place.

Now let's all grow a pair, stand up to USC and its expected win against a horrible Virginia team, and give Georgia the ranking it deserves.  Hell, just ask Knowshon Moreno.  He likes leaping over people—maybe he should leap over USC too.


3. Oklahoma

Good performance all in all against Cincy, but let's get real: Cincinnati's starters are Ohio State's sixth string.  Hell, I even picked OSU over UC—it's just the nature of Ohio.

Now back to Oklahoma.  We finally get to see Ryan Broyles, and what a force this boy turns out to be—breaking records by day, climbing rankings by night.  It's a happy time for the Sooners.

The only negative about the week: They let Cincinnati run back a 97-yard kickoff return.  Now you are saying, "Okay, well that happens quite a bit, and it didn't hurt Florida when Ohio State did it."  Well the reason it's a negative is that the good ol' Bearcats haven't had a kickoff returned for a touchdown in—get this—145 games!


4. Florida

(I want to apologize right now for anything said to offend anyone in this whole paragraph.  Being a die-hard Buckeye, the team in orange and blue kinda sits as low as Michigan in the hate factor as of now.)

OK, so I'm downright not impressed.  The Gators played Miami, who they haven't beaten since '85.  Not winning in such and such a time doesn't make the other team good.

1. The win was not spectacular.  Yes, there were some spectacular plays, but not a spectacular game.

2. Florida did not "handle" Miami until the fourth quarter.

3. Ohio State (you know that team that everyone says can't win real games, remember?) beat Miami at its best, in 2002!  Not much to look forward to in Hurricane country since.

4. This "no wins since '85" means nothing to me.  The fact is, in that gap of time they've played six times.  That's like saying Michigan beats Ohio State after six years, and they are suddenly good.  Give me a break.

Given this, I hereby name Miami cupcake game No. 2 for Florida.

Now for the opinion on Tim Tebow.  Up to this point, he has given me no motivation whatsoever to think he will be holding the Heisman again.  Rushing yards v. cupcake No. 2: 55 and zero TDs.  Terrelle Pryor's rushing yards v. OSU's cupcake No. 1: 52 and one TD.  Tebow game time: whole game; Pryor game time: three drives.

Now you're saying, "Well, Tebow isn't a running back."  Now I say, "That's why he won the Heisman last year.  He has lower numbers this year, which equals no Heisman No. 2."


5. Ohio State

Ha ha, I'm sure you are all just dying to hear my spin on this, aren't you?  Now while being at work on my college football day, what I had for football was text message via a friend from OU.  Yes, you heard it right—I was getting my Ohio State updates from an Ohio student.  Ironic, right?

Well, let's just say all I got in the first, second, and third quarters was, "HAHAHA Ohio State's gonna lose."  Fourth quarter, I got nothing.  End of game, I got, "OK so you won, I'm going to drink now."  Ahh, the love of college football.

Back to how they actually did.  There need to be riots in Columbus with the remnants of "START TERRELLE PRYOR."  Boeckman needs to show up and show up fast if he thinks he's going to hold the starting job.  The man in the vest has to be thinking the same thing, and Ohio State fans are pretty much calling for Boeck's head.

As for their No. 5 ranking, I say switch Florida & Ohio State.


My Top Five

1. Georgia

2. USC

3. Oklahoma

4. Ohio State

5. Florida


So that's my football for the day!  Oh, and just to leave you a little link to ESPN's USC-OSU Prediction.  Note Ohio being a different color than EVERY other state.  See you Saturday. =)


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