NBA Trade Rumors, Melo Not Included: J.R. Smith and Others on the Trading Block

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IDecember 22, 2010

NBA Trade Rumors, Melo Not Included: J.R. Smith and Others on the Trading Block

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    Although it may not seem like it, there are other NBA players besides Carmelo Anthony who could be traded before the trade deadline.

    Though Melo is certainly the cream of the crop, there are plenty of options for teams looking to tinker with their roster a little bit.

    There are shooters like J.R. Smith and Richard Hamilton, facilitators like Devin Harris and Andre Miller and a semi-big flex forward in Josh Childress.

    Let's take a look at those five guys and teams that might be interested in dealing for them.

Josh Childress, Phoenix Suns

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    Childress is still readjusting to the American game after spending a couple seasons in Greece.

    He's fallen out of favor in Phoenix though, so the Suns could look to trade the 6'8" SG/SF/PF.

    Teams like Chicago, Miami and Portland could be looking to add some depth to their roster if the price is right.

Andre Miller, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Reports are saying that Brandon Roy went to Blazers' management and said that either he or Andre Miller needs to be traded because they won't work in the same backcourt.

    The Blazers aren't going to trade Roy, so it looks like Miller would be the one who gets the boot.

    There are plenty of teams that need a point guard. Teams like Miami, Milwaukee (depending on how long Brandon Jennings is out) and the Charlotte Bobcats are all teams in need of a PG.

Devin Harris, New Jersey Nets

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    Harris will likely be too pricey for the Miami Heat to get involved.

    But, recent reports show that Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats might have interest in the dynamic point guard.

    In addition to Charlotte, the Denver Nuggets would almost certainly require Harris to be part of any deal for Carmelo Anthony.

Richard Hamilton, Detroit Pistons

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    Hamilton is one of the best shooters in the league when he gets on a roll.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't been on very many rolls since he signed a big contract with the Detroit Pistons.

    Maybe a change of scenery would help out Rip, though his contract is going to make a trade difficult.

    Still, a team like Chicago could use another shooter who can lead the second team.

    Also, Michael Jordan has said the Bobcats would be interested in acquiring Hamilton.

J.R. Smith, Denver Nuggets

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    J.R. Smith is deadly from beyond the three point arc.

    If the Nuggets decide to rebuild their team by trading Melo, it makes sense for them to move Smith as well.

    Smith is in the last year of his contract, so he could be a valuable commodity.

    Right now, the Chicago Bulls are probably the front runner for Smith's services if Denver decides to trade him.

    A team like the Rockets could also get in the mix for Smith.