UFC: Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Die-Hard and Casual Fan Alike

Justin Fuller@FightFactorLIVECorrespondent IDecember 22, 2010

UFC: Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Die-Hard and Casual Fan Alike

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    With Christmas two days away, I'm sure there are plenty of you who still have last-minute shopping. Of course, you remembered the important people in your life like parents, siblings and significant others.

    But what about the "difficult to shop for" friend? Or the "never shows any emotion" boss? Well, never fear because if they are a fan of UFC or MMA, here are 10 ideas for gifts this year.

For the New Fan: UFC Vault ($59.99)

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    The $59.99 price tag may seem a little hefty for online video, but what you get from the semi-annual UFC Vault subscription seems priceless.

    Any UFC, Pride or WEC event in the UFC Vault is at your fingertips on demand (that means anytime, anywhere).

    Also, the best part about this gift is there are no last-minute shopping lines or extra fees for next-day shipping. So when you do the math you're saving both time and money. Why wait?

    Check it out HERE.

For the Classic Fan: PRIDE FC Hoodies ($39.99-64.95)

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    If the person on your list is a fan of old school Japanese MMA then nothing would make them happier than a "vintage" Pride hoodie.

    With the varying price list and uniqueness of this gift, you can't go wrong (or you could get them the same TapOut Hoodie everyone else has).

    Check it out HERE.

For the Smaller Fan: WEC Jersey ($24.97)

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    If you know someone who weighs less than 150 lbs. and loves MMA, then this WEC jersey would be right up there alley.

    With the brand being fully folded into the UFC, items like these will be rarely seen and greatly respected.

    Check it out HERE.

For the Gamer: UFC Undisputed 2010 ($39.99 PSP, $59.99 PS3/XBOX 260)

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    Violence, action, customizable characters and Brock Lesnar. Who would enjoy this gift?

    UFC Undisputed will fit into a stocking, and can be enjoyed by both 12-year-old's and 40-year-old's who live at home (two demographics who have more than one thing in common).

    Buy it at your local video game retailer, or check it out HERE.

For the Home Theater Fan: Rampage Greatest Hits on Blu-Ray ($29.95)

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    What's better than a surround-sound 1080p HD home theater? Why Rampage Jackson slamming bodies to the floor, of course.

    Relive the best of Rampage, from his glory days in Pride, to his more recent moments in the UFC. Love him or hate him, everyone enjoys a good Rampage Jackson fight.

    This one may be slightly difficult to find at your local DVD retailer, so check it out HERE.

For the Canadian Fan: GSP UFC 124 Walk-Out T-Shirt ($57.95)

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    Loved by Canadians, women and the previously mentioned 12/40-year-old live at homes alike. So why not sport his signature walk-out t-shirt?

    If you happen to be dating a lady in Canada (don't worry, I believe she's real) then you can give her the best of both worlds: a high-end graphic tee and the GSP label to go with it.

    Check it out HERE.

For the Training Fan: UFC Grappling Dummy ($139.95-289.95)

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    Definitely the most expensive gift on the list, these grappling dummies are for not only the hardcore fan, but the person who takes their training seriously.

    While anyone who trains has a facility they call home, there is still very little a person can do to stay fight-fit actually at home.

    A good dummy allows that person to keep in shape when they can't get to the gym, or want to get an extra workout in between sessions.

    Prices and sizes vary, so to see them all check it out HERE.

For the Collector: Unleashed Clear Chuck Liddell Figure ($24.95)

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    Everyone loves to play with action figures, but very few look as cool as this one.

    When you and your buddies get together to "play UFC" the recipient of this gift can strike fear into all the "normal skinned" figures the other losers brought.

    (Actual Chuck Liddell fighting skills not included)

    Check it out HERE.

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