2007 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

Randy WoodallCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2007

IconNew England Patriots


San Diego Chargers

This can be the game where we see Tom Brady add to his already growing legend of playoff excellence,or this can be the game that Marty Ball  pays off.

The  pressure is on the San Diego Chargers not only because of Marty Schotenhiemier past failures in The playoffs,  but because of the outstandiing season that they had and expectations of being the no 1 seed in the playoffs . The hype surrounding the record breaking season that LT had in the regular season can be a factor also.

The Chargers  have the luck of getting Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who are two years removed form winning the Superbowl.In most people eyes the Patriots still have a legitimate shot at winning the Superbowl.So Who has the momentum going into this game,the team with the best record or the team with the champion rings and a playoff victory. It's obvious , the team with the championship experience and a confindence building game under thier belt.The worst thing that could happen to the Chargers in this game already did.The Patriots got thier swagger back.

Patriots 27

Chargers 20


Philadelphia Eagles


New Orleans Saints

This matchup is one the most interresting matchups of the this week games.

These two teams are very simiiar on how they attack the defense with thier running backs. This game is going to come down to what defense can come up with big plays,and the nod goes to the eagles because of the quality of players the have on defense.

Eagles 34

Saints 24


Seattle Sea Hawks


Chicago Bears

The Sea Hawks inched past the turmoiled Dallas Cowboys last week, and they didn't look like a team that deserved to be in the playoffs. If this team wins it will be at hands of Rex Grossman not any thing that Seatlle will do.

Bears Defense 24

Sea Hawks 7





The winner of this game wins the Superbowl

Colts 27

Ravens 24