Was Florida Trying To Cover the Spread or Is Urban Meyer Just Classless?

Jeff KalafaAnalyst IIISeptember 7, 2008

Saturday night in the Miami-Florida game, the Gators were ahead 23-3 and had the ball on the Hurricanes' 12-yard line with less than a minute on the clock.  The game was over and it was time to run the clock out like every decent football coach does on a regular basis.  Urban Meyer, Florida's football coach, couldn't do that.

Meyer was feverishly trying to score again, and on the game's last drive, he continued passing the ball.  When the drive stalled on the Miami 12, he decided to kick a field goal to make the final score 26-3.

We already know how classless Urban Meyer has been since taking over the Florida head coaching job in 2005, but Saturday night was his lowest performance yet.

In 2005, he cried at a post-game press conference after losing 21-17 to LSU.  We have seen Dick Vermeil cry tears of joy during his historic Super Bowl winning season with the St. Louis Rams but Meyer was crying tears of frustration.

He found out quickly that he couldn't win every game in the SEC the way he did with Utah in the Mountain West Conference.

In 2006, when Michigan and Florida were the two most likely teams to play Ohio State for the National Championship, Meyer actively campaigned for coaches to vote for his Gators.

Lloyd Carr of Michigan just let the system play out, didn't say anything and like the professional he was, accepted the decision of the BCS computer.

Now we come to last night's Florida-Miami game in Gainesville.  Anyone who saw the game knows it was very close.

In the third quarter, the Gators were helped out by a horrible instant replay call that immediately changed the outcome of the game.  Miami bottled up Tim Tebow all night and looked good doing it.

Why did Meyer kick the field goal at the very end of the game?  To impress the pollsters... to impress recruits... revenge for six straight Miami wins over Florida or maybe to show a national television audience that he can soundly defeat the Hurricanes without Ron Zook's players. We don't know how the man thinks!

It didn't work.  Anyone with an understanding of sportsmanship knows Urban Meyer blew it and by kicking the late field goal he only unleashed speculation about possibly trying to cover the 21 point betting line.

Yes, the possibility of covering the point spread has to be looked into.  The NCAA must investigate this game.  They must investigate to protect the honor of college football and because the fans deserve to know the truth.

This matter must be considered very seriously because, after all, Urban Meyer is an honorable man and would never intentionally run up the score, would he?