2010 Pittsburgh Steelers: An In-Depth Look at Their Losses

Bill KostkasContributor IIDecember 21, 2010

PITTSBURGH - DECEMBER 19:  Emmanuel Sanders #88 of the Pittsburgh Steelers misses a catch in the endzone in front of Dwight Lowery #26 of the New York Jets in the fourth quarter during the game on December 19, 2010 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

It seems that after every time the Steelers lose on Sunday, people seem like they want to take a swan dive off of the Smithfield Street bridge.

I get upset when they lose as well, but if you take a good look at the teams they have lost to, you can see that the situation really isn't that bad.

Aside from the 17-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4, all three of the Steelers' other losses have come to teams that were coming off bad losses the week before. So, the Steelers were somewhat unlucky.

What a surprise knowing how the season has gone for this team.

The next loss was on Halloween night in Week 8 to the New Orleans Saints, who had fallen to the Cleveland Browns the week prior 30-17. The Saints are the defending champions, and were obviously upset after performing so badly against what we have referred to as a bad team for so many years in this town.

Don't forget that it was Halloween in New Orleans, where all kinds of voodoo stuff happens. Skip Bayless even said that the 1979 Steelers would have lost that game.

In Week 10, the Steelers were bludgeoned and embarrassed by the New England Patriots. The week before, the Patriots lost to the Browns as well 34-14. They responded by making the Steelers look like a Pop Warner team.

They were obviously upset about losing to Cleveland, but when is Tom Brady not upset about something? He gets upset when you graze his helmet and there isn't a flag. Meanwhile Ben Roethlisberger gets mangled, and takes every bit of it.

Then we have the New York Jets who were coming off ugly losses in both Week 13 to New England (45-3) and in Week 14 to the Miami Dolphins (10-6).

They came into Heinz Field having lost a foothold on the AFC's top seed in the playoffs, the first slot in the AFC East and hadn't scored an offensive touchdown since Thanksgiving.

They were a desperate team.

If you want to side with me, you can agree that at least those three aren't really bad losses.

It even goes back to the 2008 season.

The Tennessee Titans were coming off a poor game against the Houston Texans before they embarrassed the Steelers. The Indianapolis Colt's victory in Pittsburgh was the second installment of a nine-game roll after losing two-straight. Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles were coming off a tough divisional loss to the Dallas Cowboys before sacking Roethlisberger nine times in that Steelers loss.

Not to worry, friends.

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