Which College Football Teams are Real and Which are Fake?

Julian RosarioContributor ISeptember 7, 2008

Saturday showed me a lot about my early views on the early college football season. Besides the fact that some of the rule changes and the way that they are interpreted are ridiculous, I was shown to be right and wrong on quite a few teams.


Sorry to say, but I am no longer sold that Florida can win a national title. I was extremely impressed with Tim Tebow's ability to throw the football, as highly underrated as that seems to be, I am not sold that this defense can get them out of the SEC!

Miami also seemed to dominate the offensive line time and time again, and Miami showed that youth can be served, and they may be able to win the pathetic ACC.

I think the only reason the 26-3 score was as one-sided as it looked is because the Miami defense was not being able to adequately rest because of the young offense's inability to keep them on the sidelines.

This team could struggle if they do not fix these things.


Penn State

By far, the most impressive team this weekend had to be Penn State. They destroyed Oregon State, slapping them around as if they were an FCS team.

I was not only impressed by Evan Royster, who ran all over the OSU defense, but Darryl Clark, who should have silenced doubters about his grip on the offense.

Seemed to me that Clark can keep a play alive while hitting that ridiculously talented receiving corps in Jordan Norwood, Derrick Williams, and Deon Butler.

Clark is accurate and strong-armed, and if I'm a future opponent of Penn State, I would fear that combo.

East Carolina

After beating a overrated Virginia Tech team, ECU played West Virginia at home, and proved that beating VTech was not enough to them this year, that they want more.

They held Pat White well below the standard that he normally puts up and shut down WVU, holding them to a lonely field goal.

Everybody has BYU as the team to break through and be this years BCS buster, but I will go out on a limb and say that ECU can be there.

They play in C-USA, and there are few challenges in that conference, if they stay out of their own way.


I do not understand why people think Georgia cannot manage this schedule. I think this is the second-most talented team in the country. I understand that USC may be more talented, but I think Georgia has enough to get out the hardest conference in America, the SEC!

I mean, the injuries can take a toll, but you can see this team can just plug another cog right in the machine and continue pushing through. Knowshon Moreno is the real deal, and I like what Caleb King provides as a backup.

Matthew Stafford seems way above the levels that he needs to get to in order for Georgia to win and win big. And I think this defense can terrorize Rudy Carpenter and Tim Tebow.

As for LSU and the rest of the teams on the schedule, I do not think they possess enough offensive firepower to keep up, although the defenses are what makes these schools run.

Ohio State

I wonder what Beanie Wells thought as he watched his team struggle against Ohio. "Why the hell are these guys playing, The Vest knows I'm the real reason we are this hyped!!!"

OSU looked horrible all game long, and as far as that defense goes, they were not as good as advertised. I watched this whole game, and realized that as many accolades as James Laurinaitis gets, he missed a lot of open-field tackles.

After laying out Theo Scott early, back-up quarterback Boo Jackson repeatedly escaped the pocket and showed what the Ohio State defense lacks, and that's complete athleticism all around the field.

Against USC and other potential opponents, that will be a problem.



I hate to say it, but as a Longhorns fan, I fear the Sooners. Sam Bradford was my sleeper for a Heisman run, and he backed up my hype with his performance last night against Cincy.

I think that this year's Red River Shootout will be great, one of the best games this year, but I wonder what scheme Will Muschamp will come up with to slow down this offense.

DeMarco Murray just reminds me so much of Adrian Peterson, and we see what he does on a weekly basis. I mean, this OU team looks like it hits the field saying any team that opposes us has hell to pay.

They have been a disappointment in the last four BCS games that they have appeared in, and Bob Stoops has seemingly said enough is enough. I just cannot hold my impatience for the Red River Shootout!

Overall, some of the games were highly entertaining. I think once some more of these non-conference match-ups come out, we will have a lot to discuss. Until then, people have some hype to live up to, or falter like Clemson.(HAHA, Tommy Bowden)


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