Don't Be Miztaken: Why The Miz Deserves the WWE Championship

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 21, 2010

I don't know how many people I've seen around the IWC talking or writing about why The Miz winning the WWE Championship was the worst move in WWE history. Some even claimed they were done with the WWE when it happened. To those people I say, get your heads out of your butts and listen up. Put your eyes to the computer screen, because this is why The Miz DESERVED to win the WWE Championship.

When you look at people who won the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship over the years, many of them did so without having a proper build up. We were just given a person and saw him move up the ranks without any of us liking him or with that person getting any reaction.

Some were even thrown in the main event without any build up at all, which made many angry because you saw a guy in there you didn't even know, so why care about him? Especially when others worked their butts off and he just took their spot.

Examples: Great Khali, Vladimir Kozlov, Sheamus, even Randy Orton (who became a star later, but wasn't built as a champion when he won the World Heavyweight Title).

Many of them had channel changing heat, not the kind of heat the WWE wants. Why do you think Vickie Guerrero was moved out of her GM role or why Mike Adamle was as well? Channel changing heat.

The Miz had this early on in his career. As the host of SmackDown, The Miz was just a crappy version of Ryan Seacrest and fans didn't like it. Lucky enough for Miz, he got time to go and work on his talents in OVW before being called up to ECW years later.

He gradually started to get things going while on ECW, nothing special, but you could see a little something. Then he teamed up with John Morrison and it seemed those two were set. Morrison already had tremendous singles success before this, as he won the Intercontinental Championship on a number of occasions and won the ECW Championship while on the brand.

Before that he was a numerous tag team champion with Joey Mercury in a team known as MNM. So, Miz being with Morrison was going to be good for him to say the least.

Miz and Morrison both did very well in their tag team career. They won the tag titles on both SmackDown and RAW. They were also in the first-ever Unified Tag Team Title match, where they lost to the Colons.

Stupidly this match was supposed to be on the WrestleMania show itself, but was made into a dark match and was only available on the WrestleMania DVD. That sucked, especially when the Diva Battle Royal made the show.

In any case, Miz and Morrison split shortly after WrestleMania when the WWE Draft took place. Miz went to RAW, and Morrison went to SmackDown, weirdly though, in the supplemental draft.

The WWE was obviously high on Miz.

Having The Miz be drafted LIVE on RAW made him more important in the pecking order, if you will, compared to Morrison, even though Morrison was looked at as the better of the group.

Miz was then given the opportunity to start a feud with John Cena, and this was really his first taste of the main event scene. I feel he did it with a great main eventer in Cena, mainly because Miz was good on the mic, as was Cena, and you could get a good entertainment value out of those two.

Had this been more personal and longer, I think it would have been a feud of the year candidate. Miz went over a small bit, but not much.

Cena got most of the success here, but that was rightfully so considering where he was at compared to Miz. However, Miz had a backing once he went after Cena. The entire Cena hater nation came out in support of Miz, which only helped him out.

After Cena, really Miz had nothing special, and it looked as if WWE made a mistake by putting him on RAW and Morrison on Smackdown! Finally though, he went after the US Title. He ended up winning it last year very early after the Cena rivalry ended.

He then kept on winning, and seemed to get even better every week. He held the US Title very long, and didn't seem to lose it for a while. He then won the Unified Tag Team Titles with The Big Show, and held those for some time.

He eventually lost his US Title and Tag Team titles. He lost the US Title to R-Truth, before winning it back a few weeks later. He then lost it again, but this time to Bret Hart. He then won it back again a week later after Hart become the RAW GM, so many don't count that loss. He then lost it to Daniel Bryan.

Miz had a total of three US Title reigns, two of which were very long reigns. And he had been a numerous time tag champion. He is also undefeated at WrestleMania.

Throughout his time as champion, he had an excellent rivalry with Daniel Bryan that helped to "make" him a name in WWE. Bryan is an excellent in-ring worker, but he needed someone to work off of that would make him look good. Miz was that guy.

So, look at Miz in that sense that he helped to make the beloved IWC's Bryan Danielson into a big name in WWE.

He helped people want to be on Bryan's side, and hate Miz.

Now, Miz gave us an excellent storyline. His one with Cena was a good storyline; it's just that it was against Cena and we all knew the outcome wouldn't be in Miz's favor. Lets be honest.

He also has improved in the ring. Now, he is no Ric Flair or Bret Hart out there, but he has improved. You have to give him some credit.

We can't really say he doesn't deserve to be champion because his wrestling isn't wonderful. Look at champions of the past. So, anyone using that argument can shove it.

Miz is as good on the mic as anyone in the WWE today, if not better. He has the ability to make you hate him and he can cut amazing promos. He has all the tools to be one of the better heels in all of pro wrestling. He does need to get even better in the ring, heck, any wrestler could stand to get better, even the best.

So, let's break it down.

He went through mid-card singles success on top of being a tag champion. He appeared on RAW, NXT and SmackDown! quite often as tag champion and appeared on just about every PPV in 2010 in a match. Even WrestleMania.

He main evented quite often, which put him into a field where he was a mid-card/part time main eventer. He has worked his butt off the entire year without any complaints on top of that. And, the man held numerous titles while appearing on every WWE show just about every week for months. No other Superstar other than Big Show can say that. Show didn't even do it as much as Miz.

He then won Money in the Bank at the MITB PPV.

The funniest part about everyone's rant regarding Miz's WWE Championship win is that you really didn't hear uproars when he won MITB. He held that briefcase forever it seemed and no one seemed to mind. Then he cashed it in on a very over Randy Orton, and he is suddenly ridiculed and hated upon.

So, if you're not getting this. People seemed OK with him winning MITB, which promises that person will get a WWE Championship match. And every person who cashed it in has won the title that cashed it in on.

Yet somehow everyone was OK with this, and when he did exactly what everyone seemed OK with before, now they hate? In the words of Miz, "Really?"

He was built up the old-fashioned way, like everyone should be built up. Guys like Brock Lesnar and Sheamus won way too early for my taste. A guy like Miz worked his way up and showed the WWE he could be a successful champion. Even if he loses the title at Royal Rumble to John Morrison, giving Miz the WWE Title was worth it because Miz did deserve to win it.

Yes there are others who deserve it too, like his Royal Rumble opponent John Morrison. But, I feel Morrison will win it later on. Let The Miz shine for now.

He has all the tools and he has a pop culture impact not many do. When is the last time TMZ covered a WWE Championship title switch? How about ESPN?

People like The Miz have an effect in so many areas and he is good at what he does. On top of that, he is as much a fan as we are of the WWE. When you look at The Miz, you see a guy that could be you. A fan who said he'd be there one day after watching Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart on WWE TV.

How can you not get behind a guy like that in some way?

Especially when The Miz has done so much to get better and has become as good to watch on TV as anyone else. On top of this, he did so well in his build up.

Do you have to be a fan of his? Well of course not!

But, to say he doesn't deserve the WWE Title would be a completely ignorant comment to say the very least. I'm just saying.


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