Top 5 Reasons Why Mirko Cro Cop WILL Be a UFC Champ

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2008

Mirko Cro Cop has been shunned by the MMA community ever since his unbelievably disappointing losses to Gabriel Gonzaga and Cheick "Knee You In the Balls" Kongo. However, he still has all of the goods to be a UFC champ. Here's why he will win it.

5. Fedor isn't in the UFC

Mirko has had some wars in the past, but in the Fedor fight, he may have had his most valiant performance yet. He lasted all three rounds with Fedor, but while losing a decision, showed that he can hang with a world class grappler and wrestler, (I count sambo as a type of submission wrestling). While he can't beat Fedor, he could beat almost anyone else in the division with that performance. This shows that if Fedor isn't there, Mirko may be the guy to take the belt.

4. Mirko has one of the best sprawls in the business

Mirko has stopped world class wrestlers like Mark Coleman with his sprawl and this tells me that he might be able to sprawl on someone like Lesnar or Couture. I know I'll hear it for that one with comments like, "Coleman is no Couture!", but at one point, Coleman was better than Couture. Also, if Mirko can avoid throwing body kicks ready made for a takedown, he could stand in there and pepper a Couture or Lesnar. Also, he has thrown heavier men down, like Aleks Emelianenko. This shows that he may be able to thwart a Lesnar takedown. If he can do that, Brock is doomed.

3. He trains with the best

At Cro Cop squad gym there is a number of top level fighters. This includes Goran Reljic, Fabricio Werdum, and at times Zelg Galesic, who can be found at team Trojan most of the time. Most important in this gym is Werdum. Werdum may be the most talented heavyweight in the UFC right now, with good striking and fantastic BJJ, he looks to be destined for UFC stardom. With Cro Cop under his BJJ tutelage and also as a sparring partner (IN A CAGE FINALLY!), Cro Cop may be ready for another hack at the heavyweight ranks. If Dana wants him, Cro Cop is ready. He has already said publicly that he wants to avenge his losses after some wins in Dream. He's an international superstar and a PPV draw, so why would Dana turn down sure money?

2. He is a star in Dream

Dana could flatten Dream if he takes Cro Cop out of the mix. I believe Cro Cop will go on to take out Alsitair Overeem and then become the top heavyweight in the corporation. Taking him out of the mix could destroy the credibility of that weight class in Dream. Also, he is known for dispatching Randleman, Barnett, Vovchachyn, and others in PRIDE. This may cause some unrest in the Japanese casual fan. He could very well win the Dream heavyweight title and then if he were brought to the UFC, he could unify the title. The promoting is done for you. A perfect title shot made already.

1. He is the greatest striker of all time

I have come to this conclusion through many question. I once believed this title belonged to Bas Rutten, but I realized, though Bas had vicious kicks, he did not utilize them as much as Cro Cop. Cro Cop is lethal with all of his limbs. This title is contested between three people, Bas Rutten, Maurice Smith, and Mirko Cro Cop. Finally, through the facts, it has to go to Mirko. So why not bring back indisputably the best striker in the heavyweight division to bang with the best. WIn or lose, it's going to be exciting.

So as Mirko is ignored and put off into the distant corners of MMA minds, he is lurking waiting to hit somebody in the nose with that left shin. Beware UFC, that leg may be leaving a welt on your body in the near future.