Rich Rodriguez, The Traitor: An Open Letter from the WVU Faithful

Ryan TCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2007

Rodr.jpgDear "Coach" Rod,
What were you thinking, you money-hungry weasel?


I cannot believe that the University of Michigan did not realize your lack of commitment to any job that you have ever had.


You are the most disloyal person that has ever called themselves a "Mountaineer".

I honestly thought that you would move on this year, but you said, "Ya'll are stuck with me no matter what." So, I thought there was no chance that a WVU alumni, native, and former player could ever turn his back on his home-state roots.


Boy, was I ever wrong.


After hearing your press conference this morning in Ann Arbor, I realized just how big of a fake you actually were. I have never seen a coach so happy to leave their team. It looked like you were a kid in a candy store—only the candy was the WVU players and fans you played as "suckers."


The worst thing was the way that you addressed us, the fans of the Mountaineers—the "ones who supported you through losses and wins."


You spoke of us as the "general public."  What a low blow!


As if leaving your team without a coach for one of their biggest bowl games in history wasn't

enough, you had to take a shot at us too.


Not one time did you refer to us as "fans," or show your respect towards us, as we did for you so many times.


But hey, we would expect no less from a backstabbing Wolverine like yourself.


As for your career, I wish you the best! You have worked hard to get the chance to coach at the University of Michigan...


Oh, you know what? Who am I kidding? Tell Beilein we said hi, and go screw yourself.



Yours Truly,
"A Real Mountaineer!"

Check out this video I did about Rich: