Georges St. Pierre Is the UFC's Undisputed Champion

Victor ChenContributor IIDecember 21, 2010

The holidays are around the corner and UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre could not be happier to receive this year's Christmas gift of remaining the best welterweight fighter in the world.

It has been some time since I last wrote an article but my analysis of GSP's fights remain the same: He shows respect, dedication and exudes the essence of a true martial artist.

Throughout the Ultimate Fighter TV Show, Josh Koscheck pushed GSP's buttons, played mind games and even downright insulted GSP being a Frenchman.

GSP did not let Koscheck's antics get to him and simply stated that he does his talking inside the cage.

At UFC 124, GSP did exactly what he set out to do. He proved why he is the best fighter in his weight class, literally outclassing Josh Koscheck in every round. GSP's incredible speed, wrestling and pumping out boxing's basic jab gave him a unanimous decision victory.

Both fighters had the look of determination to win as soon as they stepped into the cage. However, all the intense stares and back talk from Koscheck throughout the Ultimate Fighter did not help him at all. As soon as Round 1 began, GSP found his mark with a take down and then connecting multiple stiff left jabs to Koscheck's face,
immediately swelling up Koscheck's right eye.

Utilizing the jab, GSP was able to set up and take down Koscheck at will. He delivered ground and pound and the fight was almost like a replay of their first encounter at UFC 74. GSP remained in top position with only being taken down for a brief second at the end of the first round.

Rounds 2-5 were more jabs, kicks, takedowns and ground and pound delivered against Koscheck. He did not have any answer to GSP's arsenal. With Koscheck's right eye becoming worse every second, there was little chance for Koscheck to avoid the jabs with vision from one eye.

Koscheck is by no means someone to look lightly upon. He finished all of his last opponents via knockout, TKO or submission. Koscheck has incredible power in his right hand and his wrestling is top notch.

What separates Koscheck from GSP is
that GSP brings a diverse and strategic game play of honing in on Koscheck's weaknesses and them exploiting them.

Koscheck's focus was to knockout GSP with a big right hand and as he stated "piss off a million French Canadians." GSP and his trainers were probably 99.9% confident that Koscheck was not going to utilize kicks or GSP-style dynamic like movements.

Koscheck is going to come in, take you down for ground and pound or simply try to knock you out. I cannot recall many of Koscheck's fights where he utilized kicks or in and out movements like that of GSP.

And that was exactly what Koscheck tried to do at UFC 124. The only take down was at the end of Round 1 to score points. Other than that, Koscheck just threw wild punches, hoping one would land on the chin of GSP.

GSP is the complete fighter. He does not trash talk his opponents and stays humble. Whether it is a win or a loss, GSP
learns from each fight and creates the best game plan to implement for each opponent.

Some question why GSP does not finish his opponents. How about BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Pete Spratt or Frank Trigg? GSP finished all of them via submission or TKO. The key of success for GSP since the Matt Serra fight has been to never underestimate his opponent. He did that with Matt Serra and tasted defeat.

Perhaps his next fight will answer those in doubt with a submission or KO. The big question is who is going to have the tools to give GSP a real challenge?