Vikings v. Bears: Warning To Commissioner Goodell About Cold Weather Super Bowls

Alan ShimelCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2010

Brett Farve "warming up"
Brett Farve "warming up"Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Watching the frigid Vikings-Bears Monday night game tonight I could only think about how much I would hate going to a Super Bowl if I had to sit in the stands in those kinds of conditions. Could you imagine paying thousands of dollars to sit in sub-zero temperatures and snow storms to watch the game? I wouldn't be very happy.

The fluke of the Metrodome roof caving in should serve as a wake up call to Roger Goodell about his plans to hold outdoor Super Bowls in cold weather locations. The idea of Super Bowl week and all that entails could take on a whole new meeting if a blizzard hit New York for instance and the roads were shut down.

What about the half-time show. Can you imagine geriatric Paul McCartney or Tom Petty having to get up there and perform. Yeah they would shake their groove things, only to prevent them from falling off!

What about the quality of the play? Shouldn't the big game be about the players, not who has better gloves or sharper spikes to dig into the ice? This isn't showcasing the best teams. It is brutal.

Yes, I know football is a man's game and this is the way they used to play it. But there is a reason that most cold weather teams have built domes to play in. There is a reason that Pete Rozelle had all of the Super Bowls in warm weather locations.

Think about it. The Super Bowl is a showcase for the league. Are you really showcasing your best when you force people to sit in those conditions to watch a game. Are you showcasing the best players? Is it a "Super Bowl Experience"?

Please Commissioner Goodell, pay attention to the game tonight. It was a nice novelty for the folks in Minnesota to get all nostalgic and sit in the tundra to watch a football game blowing their Viking horns. But is that really how you want to showcase the NFL to the world wide audience who tunes into the Super Bowl? I don't think so. Change venues now before it is too late.