Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley: 10 Other Pac Man Fights We'd Rather See

Lou CatalanoContributor IIIDecember 21, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley: 10 Other Pac Man Fights We'd Rather See

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    With word spreading fast that Manny Pacquiao has decided to fight Shane Mosley, many fans are disappointed.  Mosley has had a fantastic, legendary career.  He may even put up a great fight if he has anything at all left in the tank.  Unfortunately, lately he's looked like a fighter who has lost a step.

    With many people suspecting another easy Pacquiao victory, we take a look at ten fighters we'd rather watch the world's most exciting fighter battle.

Sergio Martinez

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    Martinez would represent possibly the biggest challenge of Pacquiao's career.  The reigning middleweight champ is not only way bigger, but he's extremely agile, has very fast hands and deceptive power.  Ask Paul Williams if Martinez can pop—if he can utter coherent sentences yet. 

    One could imagine a catch-weight situation where Pacquiao could attempt to add to his boxing record by fighting for the middleweight belt.  It would be another historic fight, and one of the few where Pacquiao would probably be a big underdog.

Amir Khan

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    This one seems almost impossible; they are trained by the same guy, and frequently spar together.  But it's an intriguing match.  Khan has exceptional hand speed, he puts combinations together well and he proved against Maidana that he can stand up to a massive puncher.



Brandon Rios

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    Rios is an aggressive, relentless puncher with little use for defense.  Sounds a bit like Manny in his younger years, no?  Rios won over many fans when he beat down Anthony Peterson this fall, and then lost quite a few when he made a fool of himself poking fun at Freddie Roach's Parkinson's disease on video.

    Manny would have incentive for payback, and I'm sure Roach would have no problem with the fight either.  For the young Rios, it would be the ultimate test of his seemingly iron grille.

Paul Williams

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    Williams was on many pound for pound lists before Sergio Martinez iced him with a single perfect shot in November.  But Martinez is a middleweight.  Manny would be giving up at least seven inches in height.  Plus, it seems as though Williams really is more comfortable at welterweight, like he's been saying all along.

    The question is whether or not Williams is damaged goods after that massive knockout.  If he can recover, he is still a very good fighter with a freakish reach.  They would look comical standing next to each other before battle, but the fight itself could be an excellent one.

Andre Berto

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    Andre Berto is a young, hungry, undefeated fighter with ridiculous hand speed and good power.  He has everything to prove.  It would end any commentary that Manny only fights slower guys.  Berto would be just the challenge that Bernard Hopkins says Manny couldn't handle.

Marcos Maidana

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    Both guys have cinder blocks for fists.  Both have granite chins.  Maidana is big enough that jumping one weight class shouldn't have that much of an effect on his power.  Simply put, it would be impossible for this fight to be bad.  While Pacquiao's hand speed would make Maidana look like he was in slow motion, Maidana is relentless, fearless and full of heart. 

    His fight against Khan won over a ton of fans.  Outclassed badly early on, he regrouped from a crushing body shot to the liver and nearly took Khan out in the final rounds.  He never stopped trying to land bombs, and one can assume he'd land his share of shots against Manny.

Alfredo Angulo

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    Angulo would be another fighter who is much bigger than Pacquiao.  He's a relentless, massive puncher who seems to derive great pleasure from pounding on people.  He's looked fantastic since his only loss to Kermit Cintron, but immigration issues have slowed his career down.

    Pacquiao's task would be to try and dent the iron chin of "El Perro," while trying to evade his constant pressure.  Think of him as a much fresher Antonio Margarito.  Again, it's hard to envision this being a poor fight.

Timothy Bradley

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    A terrific junior welterweight and one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world, Bradley combines boxing skills with combination punching and an incredible heart.  He easily won his only fight at welterweight, which shows he can handle the jump in weight if needed.

    Bradley will fight Devon Alexander in one of the most anticipated bouts of the last couple of years in January, but he's called Manny out in the past.  The question would be if Bradley has enough pop in his punches to keep Manny from attacking at will.  He has the counter-punching skills to possibly make it interesting.

Juan Manuel Marquez

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    They have fought 24 rounds to a virtual stand still.  It's the perfect matchup between aggressive hitter and brilliant counter-puncher.  A third fight would no doubt be another outstanding war, especially if fought at around 140. 


Floyd Mayweather

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    Put them in any order you want; these are the best two fighters in the world.  One is undefeated.  The other hasn't lost in five years, in that time jumping weight classes and pounding his way into boxing history.  There isn't a compelling reason for them not to fight, and countless millions of reasons to get it on, yet the fight eludes us.

    This is the fight all of boxing wants.  It would shatter PPV records.  The defensive wizard against the offensive whirlwind. 

    We can dream...