Could Randy Orton vs. CM Punk be on the Horizon? (Probably Not, Based on RAW)

Charlie ButlerContributor IDecember 21, 2010

Note: I wrote this before RAW aired tonight. By the looks of it, the person who "wronged" Punk may have been John Cena. Anyways, I'd written this already so thought I may as well go ahead and post it.

CM Punk's words last week resonated loudly among those watching.

"When people wrong me, I get even. Right now, backstage somewhere, there is another individual that has wronged me."

I was beginning to forget Punk was even an active competitor as he's doing such a stellar job behind the commentary table.

But who could the mysterious man be that Punk has set his sights on?

Following last night's TLC PPV I believe Randy Orton is a very possible contender.

Orton failed to re-capture the WWE Championship from the Miz in his rematch and is now out of the title picture. As it stands, the Royal Rumble will likely be headlined by The Miz versus John Morrison—and you'll hear no complaints from me.

The bottom line is Orton needs a feud. 

The Nexus are pretty much dead and gone and he's out of the title picture for the time being. The only main event heel currently active on RAW other than the Miz is Sheamus and if I have to watch Orton versus Sheamus for the 57th time I think my head might explode.

CM Punk is definitely a main event heel, but he is currently rehabing an injury. But he's on the cusp of a return.

He's scheduled for a number of Smackdown house shows this week and made an ominous threat upon accepting his "Despicable Me" award.

But why would they feud at all?

The History

Alright, so I know WWE doesn't like us remembering stuff, but I do.

So here's the tale.


In November 2006, Orton and Punk met in the ring for the first time ever as members of Team RKO and Team DX, respectively. They traded a few blows in the match but nothing major.

In the end none of Team DX was eliminated and won the match.


In the week leading up to Wrestlemania 23 and the Money in the Bank match in 2007, Punk and Orton crossed paths in three separate occasions.

On the March 26 edition of RAW, Punk and Orton—along with King Booker, Finlay, Mr. Anderson, AHEM, Mr. Kennedy, and the Hardyz—brawled during an episode of the Cutting Edge to hype the MITB match.

The following night on ECW (yeah, I don't remember what that is either) the heels (Orton, Kennedy, Finlay and Booker) beat the good guys (Punk, Edge and the Hardyz) in a four on four tag team match after King Booker pinned Punk.

On the night of Wrestlemania 23, Mr. Kennedy won the MITB briefcase.

One of the highlights of the match for me was an awesome RKO on Punk from the top of a ladder.


A year later, CM Punk won the converted Money on the Bank brief case at Wrestlemnia 24.

On the same night Orton retained the WWE Championship against Triple H and John Cena, only to lose it to Trips at Backlash.

On the May 5th edition of RAW, Orton and CM Punk met in their first one-on-one encounter with Orton looking to send a message to Triple H. The match was cut short when William Regal killed the lights and announced the match over.

The result was a no contest.

Fast forward to Sept. 1, 2008.

RAW is live from St. Louis, the hometown of Orton.

Orton opens the show by running down the current product. If you don't remember, this was during the time of his shoulder injury. He proceeds to run down current champion CM Punk.

Punk arrives to defend himself. After some verbal jousting the other combatants of the Championship Scramble match show up and the situation breaks down.

The main of the night saw Punk, Batista, Kane, JBL and Mysterio fight in a battle royal. Kane eventually won the match, finally eliminating Punk.

Following the match, Punk exchanged words with Orton, who had been watching from ringside. After a brief back and forth, Punk threw water in Orton's face.

Six nights later at Unforgiven, Orton and Legacy assaulted Punk prior to the Championship Scramble match. The exclamation mark was Orton delivering a punt to Punk's head, making him unable to compete.

Punk's title reign was cut short thanks to Orton.

On the Sept. 22 edition of RAW, Punk attacked Orton and was quickly suspended and then rehired by Mike Adamle.

Punk never really got revenge for Orton's brutal attack.

On Nov. 3, Punk and Orton met in a singles match. Punk won, but only via disqualification after Ted Dibiase interfered on Orton's behalf. Once again, Punk was denied his revenge.

Two weeks later Punk and Orton met in a Lumberjack match. Orton won,but only after interference from William Regal.

The following Sunday at Survivor Series Team Orton ( Orton, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin and William Regal) defeated Team Batista (Batista, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth).

The year closed and Punk never gained revenge on Orton.


By 2009, CM Punk and Orton were both heels. Apparently, the hatchet was buried as Punk and Orton teamed together on two separate occasions.


Orton and CM Punk avoided each other during 2010. Punk was on Smackdown for most of the year and Orton on RAW.

Before Bragging Rights, Punk was traded to RAW, but was injured during the match. Since then he's been on commentary.

And then we get to the Slammy awards.

CM Punk's words last week resonated loudly among those watching.

"When people wrong me, I get even. Right now, backstage somewhere, there is another individual that has wronged me."

Who has wronged Punk more than Orton? He punted him in the head, costing him his title. Punk never got revenge.

"I want you to know there will come the day when I get even. So I want you to watch your back. I hold grudges and do not forget and after what you did to me I will get my revenge."

But aside from the history, this match has a lot more going for it.

Orton and Punk have only met in the ring a handful of times. Compared to feuds like Orton versus Cena or Sheamus or Triple H, where each series involved about 15 of the same matches, this is a fresh rivalry.

As much as I'd cream my pants for CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan, the prospect of an Orton-Punk feud is more exciting.

Punk is a star who has had a rough year. After losing his hair to Rey Mysterio and his dignity to the Big Show, Punk is floating in limbo. Putting over Bryan elevates the American Dragon, but beating Orton places Punk squarely in the main event picture.

And who really deserves it more?

Punk is a great talker, and arguably the best in WWE today.

In the ring he's amazing and puts on consistently solid, show-stealing affairs.

CM Punk is also an uber heel. Put him against the company's top face and the feud could be massive. People would want to see Punk get punted in the head. Orton is rarely in a position anymore where his opponent is more ruthless than him. Given how despicable CM Punk can be (going back to the Slammy award he won) the scope is massive.

So will we see CM Punk face Orton?

I don't know. Following RAW, it looks less likely for the time being.

I think it'd be a cool feud with two of the company's top guys. It keeps both guys current without involving the WWE Championship.

Of course, you won't hear any complaints from me if we do see Punk versus Bryan.

Cena versus Punk has potential, and I'm interested to hear how Cena wronged the Straight Edge Superstar.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

"And if you think what I did to Rey Mysterio and his family is despicable, well, trust me, you haven't seen anything yet."


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