The Top 5 Moments from the 2010 TLC PPV

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIDecember 20, 2010

The Top 5 Moments from the 2010 TLC PPV

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    Last night's 2010 WWE TLC pay-per-view had its ups and downs. But quite frankly, I did enjoy it. My expectations as some of you might know from my past articles, have been very timid due to past WWE PPVs that occurred during the year.

    For example, the horrible disgrace that WAS known as Hell in a CELL. As well as the very displeasing Survivor Series; so my expectations were quite high on what WWE was going to “dish out” on a PPV. Including a PPV that has some history of being quite “hardcore” and not a PG-related show.

    This yet again made me feel, like I was wasting my money on another show that would later be recorded as an “EPIC Fail,” amongst wrestling fans.  So when the show came on, I was quite surprised that it was good. Some parts, like the Rhodes and Big Show promo/waste of my time was simply a…well…waste of time!

    Plus the only other problem I had with the PPV was the main event.  Cena versus Barrett in a Chairs match was just another all-time boring low. I get the whole point that Cena’s character has to seek revenge on the Nexus and all, but it definitely was not worth the main event slot. Which I know many of you will agree with me.

    But, just because Cena is supposed to be Hulk Hogan "number two,” he has to hold the limelight and be the main attraction. Overall, I did enjoy the PPV. I found it to be really well put together and better than what I expected. Some of you might disagree, so let the debating begin!

    Here are the top five moments that I enjoyed from last night's PPV.

5. The Botched Ladder Match

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    I chose the three-way ladder match as the fifth favorite part of the TLC PPV. Not due to the action, which was definitely enjoyable and pleasing to watch. But mainly due to the botched ending. Which thanks to the Wrestling Talk Show "The Spotlight," the ending was supposed to occur as so...

4. Morrison vs. Sheamus, Sheamus Hits the Ladder

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    From the start to the ending of the match itself, Morrison vs. Sheamus was "the best match on the card," but not my favorite moment. However, the impact that both Sheamus took on the ladder and Morrison took to the floor was definitely worth the No. 4 spot on my top five moments.

3. The First-Ever Divas Tables Match

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    Honestly, I thought that this was going to be a GIGANTIC FLOP. But I was honestly amazed at the match itself. I ranked the Divas Tables Match as my third favorite moment due to 1.)The enjoyment I had watching it, 2.)The fact that these four women actually brought their "A" game and 3.) That the match itself flowed quite well. I hope get to see another Divas Tables Match in the future, just hope it's with women willing to fight and not just give a BS match.

2. The Awesomeness That Is The Miz and His Antics

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    The ending of the Miz versus Orton match was nothing more than hilarious and smart as hell. If you seriously believed that Miz was going to beat Orton "cleanly," without the help of outside interference or without a plan, your not really that much of a fan.

    When Miz hit Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale and placed him in the middle of the broken table, I literally laughed so hard I was crying. Why? Because this was one of the first original ideas I have seen in WWE in the longest time. THEN, just to add the icing on the cake with the mock "oh, the judge saw the replay moment," definitely deserved the second favorite moment of the night. 

1. A 10-Time Champion

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    Plain and simple, Edge winning his 10th championship is worth the No. 1 slot in the top five moments of last night. The four-way TLC match that he had last night was definitely entertaining, but I'm giving EDGE the top spot due to his accomplishments as a wrestler and as one of the top heels I have ever seen in the ring.

    PLUS! When Edge is champion, WWE is actually worth watching! If I could have it my way, I'd love to see Edge vs. MIZ at Mania. Just due to the hype and fan following that both wrestlers have in the WWE Universe.