Courting Carmelo: The NJ Nets' Rational Guidebook To a Winning A Championship

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIDecember 20, 2010

Will Adding Anthony Really Make the Nets a Contender?
Will Adding Anthony Really Make the Nets a Contender?Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

I sit at my desk, reading article after article supporting the acquisition of Carmelo Anthony. I read and read, hoping to find a strain of logic in the idea of trading for a ball stopping, immature wing man that has never won anything substantial since his days at Syracuse. 

There are many misconceptions about winning championships in the NBA:

1. You can win with young guys.

Look at every NBA champion over the last 20 years. How many of them were filled with a bunch of guys under the age of 25?


2. You can win with only one or two guys.

The NBA is full of talent. You need a rotation of 8-10 men you can count on, all with specific and defined roles that they are willing and able to accomplish. 


3. Every team is one trade away from becoming a contender.

Besides the idea that you need to have a deep team, chemistry is the most underrated part of a NBA team. Comfort and selflessness are the core of winning teams in addition to the talent. The Celtics and Lakers are full of great players, but they are also well coached and highly compatible. 


If the New Jersey Nets go out and trade for Carmelo Anthony, they will be getting a very talented, capable player. But as we have seen time and time again in the NBA, if a player is not totally committed to the team and situation around him (see Lebron Game 5), he hurts the team more than he helps. 

I see the Nets in a very tough situation. They have not moved to Brooklyn yet, a lure that many consider a big part of their future plans. In addition, the team does not have a rich tradition of winning. I have been a Nets fan my whole life, and I can't tell you how much I would love to play in Newark, NJ. 

Further complicating things is the the Derrick Favors corollary. Why trade the youngest guy in the NBA and a future All-Star for Anthony? The Nets need to realize that winning comes through the draft and not blockbuster trades. In their defense, this is how they acquired Jason Kidd, but catching lightning in a bottle twice is difficult. 

The Nets need a floor general (i.e. Chris Paul) and not a swing man. That being said, five first round draft picks in the next two years should help their cause. They need to have Brook Lopez and Favors play on the court together and find a chemistry with Devin Harris. I am never a fan of blowing up young teams and I hate reading articles that read something like this...


PG: Paul

SG: (insert flashy college player)

SF: Anthony

PF: Favors

C: Lopez


This makes no sense.

Besides the cap space, irrationality and downright ludicrousness of this idea, people have to realize that the Nets should build from within. There is a reason that the same teams win every year; while their talent level is high, they are a group of veteran guys. Trading for Carmelo Anthony would place him in a center of a bad team with no draft picks (all traded away) and no Derrick Favors. 

I am all for innovative ways to try and improve the team, but panic trades destroy teams and set them back years. The Nets need an identity from within that does not include Anthony. The best part is, on their current course, when the experience, talent and chemistry collide, it should be cause for excitement.