Potts Points: Observations from the Michigan-Miami Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2008


    1. When Nick Sheridan came into the game in the second quarter and then started the second half, I had to look over to the sideline to see if Charlie Weis was coaching the Wolverines. I don’t like the quarterback rotations at all.


I don’t know who the better player in practice is, and I’m not breaking down film after every game, but it seems like Steven Threet is more capable of running the offense. The bad thing so far is, with the exception of the touchdown pass to Junior Hemingway last week, all of his passes have sailed over the receivers’ heads. If he can get his precision down, this offense will be much more dynamic (or at least capable of sustaining drives).


Threet seems mobile enough to run the offense, though not quite the mobile quarterback Rodriguez wants to run this offense. However, he’s not going to get the quarterback he wants this year, so I’d like to see him pick a quarterback and stick with him.


2. I like what I saw today from  freshmen Sam McGuffie, Michael Shaw, and Martavious Odoms when they got the ball in the open field. They are quick little guys capable of turning short plays into big gains. However, I don’t like seeing them run the ball up the middle.


With the offensive line that Michigan has this season, there aren’t going to be gaping holes to run through. McGuffie and Shaw fall over whenever a defender touches them, unlike Mike Hart who had the lower-body strength to keep moving forward after contact for the past four years.


I would like to see Brandon Minor, Carlos Brown, and Kevin Grady get more carries and let McGuffie and Shaw do their work in the open field.


3. A positive from the first two games is the lack of penalties. So far, Michigan has 10 penalties for a total of 68 yards through two games. Utah and Miami combined for 19 penalties for 207 yards in those games.


Of those Michigan penalties, there was an illegal motion by a wide receiver (Savoy), a pass interference by a linebacker (Ezeh), a false start by tight end (Butler), a personal foul, two delay of games, a holding by an offensive lineman (Ortmann), a substitution infraction at the end of the Utah game, a holding on a kick return, and a pass interference on Morgan Trent.


I think this is a pretty disciplined team so far. Two of those penalties (delay of games) you can blame on the quarterback. One penalty was on special teams. The offensive line has had no false starts and one holding penalty. None of the penalties have been costly. Let’s hope we can keep that up.


4. I wish we had a better return game. I love Donovan Warren as a corner, but he hasn’t done anything on punt returns yet this year. Some of that has to do with the kick coverage – Miami’s gunners were able to get to him pretty easily on most of his returns – but he doesn’t seem to have the quickness to make guys miss.

I liked what I saw from Boubacar Cissoko on a couple of kick returns, so hopefully he can see more action in the return game. Does Steve Breaston have any eligibility left???


5. The defense has played outstanding since halftime of the Utah game. They’re playing up to their potential and haven’t given up a touchdown in the last six quarters. Bring on the Irish!