Why I Love My Mountaineers

Donkay KongContributor IDecember 28, 2007

Living in West Virginia and having season tickets—it's truly great to be a Mountaineer.

Playing for a championship against your rival at home, what could be better?

Unfortunately, the combination of Rich Rodriguez probably looking ahead to his days in Ann Arbor and Pat White dislocating his finger sent WVU into a long, sluggish game. As time expired and Pittsburgh's kicker ran around in the end zone, eventually taking a safety, I thought, how could this happen?

Was it simply the pressure that they were facing? As other teams have done, they could've very well just choked.

Despite these setbacks, WVU will compete against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl—which is still a BCS bowl.

It is upsetting when you become attached to a team and pull for them so much and then you're let down. This is called sports—it doesn't always go your way, and the best thing to notice how many more things you have going than not.

Personally, I believe they will recover after losing a greedy, self-centered coach and finishing out the year in a BCS bowl.

Last but certainly not least, there are the Appalachian State Mountaineers from Boone N.C., where I hope to go in a few years. My sister being an alumni, I've had my share of opportunities to visit their beautiful campus and have attended many of their football teams games.

You may remember Appalachian State being that little school that beat the then-fifth-ranked Michigan Wolverines, capping off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport. It goes further than just this—next year Appalachian State will be going for their fourth-consecutive National Championship, and in 2009 will be playing LSU and Georgia.

West Virginia and App State both run a no-huddle spread offense, and both of them have been very effective in using it. WVU has won four Big East titles in the last seven years with it. Appalachian State defeated Michigan with it, while winning three consecutive National Championships.

There are many things to be looking forward to from both WVU and ASU, as both schools will try to continue their rich traditions.