2011 Can The WWE Begin a New Decade With a New Era In Pro Wrestling?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2010

It is a well established fact that every Decade the WWE brings in, they always seem to start of with a bang.

The 80's brought us the Golden Era and Hulkamania, the 90's brought us Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Monday Night Wars, the 00's brought us the Ruthless Aggression Era and John Cena.

So with only a few weeks away from 2011, one can only assume what Vince McMahon and the WWE have in store for us the WWE Universe.


Things that need to be sorted out

With TLC only a doorstop away, I hope the WWE decided to use this night as the closure of some of its current storyline involving a handful of their top flight superstars such as Kane and Edge, John Cena and Nexus, Dolph Ziggler and The Intercontinental Championship and of course, Lay-Cool.

While I have nothing against these superstars nor do I have anything against the feuds, I believe that with the Royal Rumble as the next PPV it could be the start of some exciting feuds which could breath excitement and adrenaline through our bodies instead of the same old song and dance; but then again, it is not like the WWE have not been trying to shake things up what with Nexus, Kane, Return of Bret and a few other positives.

I believe the start of 2011 should be focused around The Undertaker instead of the WWE or WHC Championship.

It is no secret that the buzz of late has been who will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania; we had guys from Diesel, Goldberg, Cena and Lesnar, all name which have been thrown out as wild cards to face the Phenom at the biggest stage of them all.

If this is the case then why not capitalise on its hype?

They should do a deadly games tournament where superstars face each other to see who will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, or they should start showing Vintages or something that will keep the audience guessing.

I really hope that we don't get the same thing before Wrestlemania where someone will come and call out the Undertaker and then the weeks leading up to the event all we get is "mind games" and wax bodies in coffins resembling The Undertaker; it's been done so lets move on.

I for one am really banking on The Deadman to kick start 2011 with a new look, persona and character, instead of the one we have grown to love yet get easily bored of as of late—here is hoping.

Another big factor that still has to be resolved is the mystery Raw GM is.

Like many of you, I am getting pretty tired of hearing that annoying sound and then Michael Cole, I mean the first few times were tolerable, but three months! It is getting pretty ridiculous now.

I think we can safely say that the Mystery RAW GM is no one huge, i.e The Rock or HHH because firstly they have more sense then to go along with such a stupid idea and secondly if it was them, people will lose some respect for the superstar.

Let's just hope that tonight or before the Rumble we get to see who the Raw GM is.

Lastly, before the new year comes in, I hope that the WWE make it a resolution for themselves that in order to gain more fans, they need to stop releasing the real talent.

Whether you agree or disagree with this point, the fact of the matter remains that fans are fanatic for certain superstars who are ill treated by the WWE for no reason we can comprehend.

Therefore, if you are going to release these guys at least give them a partying gift so that you don't get millions of hate mail and then wonder why your ratings are sitting well below the 3.0 mark.

Give the established stars more of a push and bring in the younger talent in small yet desirable doses.


What we are expecting to see

I am hoping that in 2011, the WWE will decide to finally push some deserving stars to the top of the pile, whether it is Captain Charisma, JOMO, Kofi Kingston, Ted Dibiase Jr. etc.

One of these men need to be given the Miz criteria so that they can gain a wider fan base. Give them then Mic from time to time, have them perform segments involving John Cena, anything just as long as you don't forget about them once you give them the push, like Kofi during his Orton angle.

Also, expect to see a few retirements this year; my money will have to be on Kane for starters.

I feel that once Kane loses the World Title, there is nothing left for him to accomplish inside the ring. I just don't see Kane feuding with an up and coming star and jobbing to them as if his WHC reign was for nothing.

This could be the final year of the Undertaker as well—while Jim Ross and others have said he is completely happy to wrestle until his body gives up on him, one can only assume that with all the time Taker takes off given his injured hip and other niggling injuries, the Deadman's reign of terror may come to an end sooner then you think.

Also, Edge has been contemplating retirement for the past few months, stating that his body has taken a beating for the past several years and his time maybe up soon.

All in all, we could be seeing the end of three main stage stars.

Lastly, could 2011 finally be the year that the Rock decides to make an appearance? With his film Faster finally completed and his new film Fast Five in production, the Rock seems to have an opening somewhere along the line this year.

Let's hope it involves Cena or The Miz. 


Will the PG Era Come to an End?

When we talk about PG era, I think people like myself have gotten confused as to what the PG era really stand for; some of us call it the John Cena Regime, others call it bad TV while the majority call it great.

I believe that while we can never duplicate the Attitude Era, we can definitely make it better then what it is at the moment.

I am very pleased that The Miz won the Championship so close to the end of the year, it was like when Sheamus defeated Cena for the title at last year's TLC, it left us all wanting to know what can Shamus bring to the WWE.

Well, the difference between the two is that prior to his title win we all knew what Miz was about, he was a loud, cocky, arrogant, egotistical nightmare that we could not get enough.

Let's hope the Miz can attract a new breed of wrestling and if it fails, they will always have Cena to fall back on.

I feel that with The Undertaker hitting the mid 40's, he should not be veered as the number one guy in the locker room. He should be merely used as a guy that passes the torch to the next guy.

I mean, he has done it all, has he not? So why all the glory? Are the WWE making up for the past or are they so out of current talent that they rely heavily on whatever veterans they have left in the business.

Or is it the simple question of use him while you have him.

When Brock Lesnar made mince meat out of The Undertaker in 2003, they adopted a new role for the Deadman—he was seen more as a Yoda of the WWE, as seen in the storylines between Orlando Jordan and Nathan Jones.

After this angle, they turned Taker back into the phenom and 6 years later we have the same old song and dance, I guess many people out here probably like The Undertaker in his current role, but for me you have to move with the times; if Bret Hart and others can't make successful comebacks then why is Taker any better.

That is why I agree with a lot of people on this site when they call The Undertaker overrated. 

Anyway, these were my thoughts on a few issues, please leave your comments and feedback as to your views about 2011 and whether the WWE can pull a rabbit out of the hat.


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