Don't Change a Thing: The Best NHL Tradititons

Dan NoonCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2008

Here is what I think are the 10 best traditions to ever live in the NHL:


10. Fighting

Fights have been a part of hockey since the first games in NHL history. Why change anything now?


9.  The Chicago Organ

This was built into Chicago Stadium in the 1920s. It since has been recorded onto the sound system at the United Center.


8. Maple Leafs Failing to Win the Cup

1967. Everyone knows it happened then and hasn't happened since. Not even close. Don't get your hopes up, Leafs fans—it's still gonna be a long time.


7. Playoff Beards

Starting in the late '70s, teams with the most beards have won 83 percent of all Stanley Cups. Okay, I don't know that for a fact, but these beards are timeless classics.


6. Throwing Octopi

If I was on the opposing team, I would not want to get hit by one of those. I find it great that 20 000 people don't mind waiting a few minutes while a man cleans octopus ooze off the ice.


5. Three Stars

Started in the mid '30s, and hasn't missed a game since. And you thought Cal Ripken had an impressive streak.


4. Tapping the Pads

The most common way to tell your goalie to have a good game, or great save, without actually having to talk to him. Let's face it—you goalies are nice guys, but definitely a breed of your own.


3. Hockey Night In Canada

Ever since 1952, more Canadians have watched hockey on Saturday then have attended church on Sunday. God bless the North.


2. Tossing Hats for a Hat Trick

Starting in Toronto in the early '40s, hat tricks were originally supposed to be a reward—score three goals, you get a free hat! Let's just say this idea caught on.


1. Drinking Out of the Cup

I don't care how warm the champagne is, nothing will ever taste better than drinking out of the Stanley Cup. Mmmmm...victory!