Tim Tebow's Head Is On The Chopping Block: Will He Get a Fair Shot ?

Pete WilliamsCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 14:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos scores on a 1-yard touchdown run as linebacker Demorrio Williams #53 of the Kansas City Chiefs gives chase during the second quarter at INVESCO Field at Mile High on November 14, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I don't think I have ever heard about a rookie QB entering his first game as a starter, getting so much "hate" before anybody has really been able to evaluate him on the field.

Off the field, Tim Tebow has done nothing but all the right things: hard working, media friendly and has earned the respect of his teammates.

On the field, he did better and not least threw the ball better than most commentators expected. And in the little action he has seen, he has been nothing but perfect.

Still, it seems like a lot of people and commentators hope that Tebow will fail badly. Not because it will be good for football, not because it will be good for the Broncos, not because they hate the Broncos.

Instead it seems like the "haters" fall into these categories:

  • Ex pros. who wants the game to be played old style, without all the spread nonsense. They loved Jimmy Clausen because he had experience in a pro-style offense...go figure.
  • Scouting buffs who gets stuck in game film watching Tebow's throwing motion...in college.
  • Commentators who have criticized Tebow into oblivion and would hate to eat their own words.
  • McDaniels haters, who hate Tebow just because he was picked by McDaniels.

I'm not a Tebow fanatic but when you look at Tebow's positives, I think it is crazy not wanting him to be a success in the NFL:

  • He has a great character on and off the field.
  • He has all the intangibles to be a great leader.
  • The media loves him.
  • His shirt is the best selling shirt in all of the NFL.
  • He is a great role model.
  • He is in the breed of the modern QB who can throw and run and has all the tools to run the NFL style spread offense, which, in its perfect form in New England, is tearing up defenses in the NFL.

To me, Tebow will be a success against the Raiders if he shows that he can run the offense and be the leader of the team (much like Colt McCoy did in his starts) and put up stats in the region of:

  • throws the ball 20-25 times
  • completes 60% or above his passes
  • has less than 3 INTs
  • throws for one TD and/or run for one TD
  • leads Denver to more than 2 TDs
  • runs for 20+ yards with two of the runs for a new first down.

I'm going to watch this game, and the ratings for the Broncos-Raiders game will go through the roof.