Matt Flynn Or Joe Webb: Which Stand-In QB Will Have The Better Week 15 Campaign?

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Matt Flynn Or Joe Webb: Which Stand-In QB Will Have The Better Week 15 Campaign?
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Go ahead and call Houston, because the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings have serious problems.

Dodging curveballs all year long, Green Bay and Minnesota have experienced perhaps one of the most rollercoaster seasons in recent memory, as the surprising Chicago Bears have taken advantage of two injury-depleted sides to lead the NFC North with three crucial weeks remaining.

Things only continue to get worse as time progresses.

Touching down in New England during the week, the Packers were delivered with the much anticipated news of Aaron Rodgers' absence, due to a silly concussion sustained last weekend against the Detroit Lions.

Don't look toward the Vikings for any relief, mind you.

Yes, Brett Favre is also set to sit out this Monday night when the Vikings take on the Chicago Bears at TCF Bank Stadium, and if you thought the cave in of the Metrodome was intense a week ago, not even a boatload of snow can compare to Favre's career that is vanishing in a plume of smoke before our very eyes.

And who are the lucky replacements to suit up in Rodgers and Favre's absence?

Packer fans are now well acquainted with fill-in quarterback Matt Flynn after last weekend's debacle.  As for the Vikings, third-string passer Joe Webb will make his first start in 2010, as Tarvaris Jackson also nurses a turf toe injury.

Who will have the better Week 15?

It's a question neither fan wants an answer to, but nonetheless, here's a slight prediction ahead of this Sunday.

Matt Flynn

Promising signs always shone from within Matt Flynn prior to the 2010 regular season, but when the Packers third-year player took over from Aaron Rodgers last weekend, a few issues were immediately put on notice by Flynn's performance.

Passing for 177 yards and 1 interception, Flynn being thrown into the deep end was not exactly a kind move from Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. 

Still, Green Bay realistically had no other choice with Aaron Rodgers feeling the effects of a concussion, and even though Flynn's performance last week was awful, Week 15 is a totally different ball game.

To most NFL fans willing to watch on Sunday night, the mutual feeling is that Matt Flynn doesn't stand a chance. 

The New England Patriots were nothing short of beautiful last week in the cold confines of Soldier Field, and when Tom Brady threw for 369 yards and 2 touchdowns, the Patriots automatically became the best team in football.

Don't give up on Matt Flynn just yet, though.

Three years into his career, Flynn does have the slightest ounce of potential to dish up an upset in New England. 

Sure, Flynn has had very few starting opportunities in Green Bay, but don't forget he is a former LSU Tiger, and is one of several reliable back-up quarterbacks in the NFL.

When asked for an opinion on Flynn, veteran wide receiver Donald Driver expressed no hesitation to offer up his thoughts on the past week.

"I think we had fun this week," Driver stated. "It didn't slow anything down. Everything was kept the same. The pace was like going with Aaron. You'd think you would have to nix some things and work some things out, but no. It was just like we don't miss a beat."

Snow is predicted for Sunday night in New England, and for a young quarterback, this is of course bad news. 

At the end of it all, though, the Packers could be in a much worse situation, as they do still have a number of wide receivers to rely on this weekend.

Joe Webb

Stepping into the unknown, Joe Webb is one big experiment for the Minnesota Vikings looking toward Monday Night Football, having thrown for only 8 yards all season long behind both Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson.

Unlike the Packers, the Vikings have been left in the dark when it comes to Webb's ability. 

Not only is the new Minnesota starting quarterback a rookie, Webb was more noted for his wide receiver ability during his time with UAB, catching for 459 yards and 3 touchdown passes in 2008.

So does this spell trouble for Minnesota?

Fortunately for the Vikings, head coach Leslie Frazier has little to play for this season.  With that being said, however, next season is a chance to turn over a whole new leaf, and with Brett Favre retiring, a decision between Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb must be made.

Therefore, Webb himself needs to make the most of this opportunity.  An eighth-ranked Chicago Bears defense awaits on Monday night, but perhaps this isn't frightening at all for a quarterback who has been referred to as almost Michael Vick-like.

The problems?

Accuracy is the No. 1 issue right now.  Speed and agility are areas that the Vikings can feel confident in, even though out of the pocket play probably isn't all that intelligent considering Julius Peppers and Brian Urlacher stand on the opposite field.

The team is now Joe Webb's to run with if he plays his cards correctly this week.  Minnesota have shown that they aren't totally trustworthy of Tarvaris Jackson, so maybe Joe Webb stands a legitimate chance after all.

Nonetheless, the 9-4 Chicago Bears are no easy task for a rookie quarterback.

Who Will Have the Better Week 15?

Due to the experience factor alone, Matt Flynn is the better-looking quarterback heading into this week. 

However, there is nothing stopping Joe Webb from having a breakout week and taking care of the Chicago Bears at the Vikings temporary home.

Matt Flynn takes over for the Packers at a time that means the ultimate difference between the playoffs, or missing out all together. 

Next weekend the New York Giants await, and even though Rodgers will be fit and healthy, Flynn can help his team out during the next few weeks.

As for Joe Webb, an opportunity stands tall; meanwhile Brett Favre creates his own new record by sitting out two consecutive games.

Whoever thought the NFC North would wind up like this is a genius, because this scenario was never expected when Week 1 kicked off.

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Ryan Cook is an Australian Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also a guest writer on PackerChatters, and a contributing writer for Detroit Lions Talk and Gack Sports.

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