Time To Play: Miz vs. Morrison at the Royal Rumble Isn't a Bad Idea

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 18, 2010

Since the No. 1 contender's match between Morrison and Sheamus was announced on RAW, I've been hearing whining and complaining by the IWC. Some believe John Morrison isn't ready for a WWE Title match. They argue that Morrison needs a ton of improvement before he earns a championship let alone a championship match.

Others argue that Miz is going to be dominated by Morrison. Claiming Miz is nothing compared to Morrison in the squared circle. Some believe Miz will obliterate Morrison while others believe it's Morrison's time. While everyone has their own opinion, I personally believe this match marks a sign of change.

We know Morrison is miles better than Miz in the ring while Miz is galaxies ahead of Morrison on the mic. Before the Mizfit's believe I am bashing Miz let me say this. I respect Miz as a competitor and I am ecstatic for all the things he does for the WWE. I just felt he title reign should've come farther down the line.

The thing I noticed about Morrison and Miz is that they bring out the best in each other. How can you ignore it?

A great example would be an episode of Smackdown last year. Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. U.S. Champion the Miz at Bragging Rights. As a sort of prelude to the match, Morrison and Miz participated in a rare episode of the Dirt Sheet. After tons of gloating and insults by The Miz, Morrison had enough. In his best display of his mic skills yet, an emotional Morrison dared his former partner to strike him.

Like The Miz does today, Morrison added that extra base in his voice and made his words sound believable. Don't agree? Check the crowd’s reaction.

And, of course, The Miz refused to retaliate. Calm down, Mizfits. Let me finish. During their bout at Bragging Rights, I noticed something I thought impossible. Miz was actually getting better. Though he wasn't HBK or Kurt Angle great in the ring, it was a improvement from his previous ability.

No one carried the other. It was a highly competitive match that saw Miz win after a failed Starship Pain attempt.

But no, instead of looking at their history, some focus on their flaws. Embrace the change people. Who actually would want to see Sheamus vs. Randy Orton or Sheamus vs. Miz? Who would want to see John Morrison vs. Randy Orton?

Sheamus and Orton are elite athletes in their own right but the main event scene is growing scarce. No one want's to see the same guys in the same bouts for the same title every ppv. Besides, Mark Henry has been in a World Title match at the Royal Rumble. Even Bob Holly was in a WWE Title match at the 2004 Royal Rumble.

But when John Morrison is on the verge of getting a title match, the WWE is wrong?

Besides that, Morrison hasn't even won the match with Sheamus yet. At last year's Royal Rumble, Creative pitted Sheamus vs. Randy Orton. Both were heels!

It's time for WWE to establish new main event talent. Alberto Del Rio could very well win the World Title tomorrow night. It's a youth movement and it began with Miz's title win.

That's why I chose to put my personal opinions aside. To look at the history between these future megastars and expect a great match instead of focusing on the negatives. I dare critics to watch every Morrison/Miz match since their break up and tell me it wasn't worth watching.

It's their time. We should wait and see what the future holds instead of criticizing it before it even happens.