"You Wronged Me and I Will Get Even": Who Was CM Punk Talking About?

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 18, 2010

"You Wronged Me and I Will Get Even": Who Was CM Punk Talking About?

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    "Right now, backstage somewhere, there's another individual that has wronged me. I wanna talk specifically to this person right now. And I want you to know that there will come today when I get even. So I want you to watch your back because I hold grudges and I do not forget. And after what you did to me, I will get my revenge.  And if you think what I did to Rey Mysterio and his family is despicable, well trust me, you haven't seen anything yet.

    If you missed out on RAW Monday, those were CM Punk's comments to an undisclosed Superstar. After winning the Despicable Me Award for singing happy birthday to Rey's daughter, Punk informed a certain Superstar of his intentions.

    Punk's clearly after revenge but the question is whom?

    Punk didn't give any hints about the individual except when asked who by Michael Cole, he informed him that if he wanted them to know he would've said so.


    Doing a little investigative work, I've compiled a list of WWE Superstars who may be the subject of Punk's comments. I don't know about you guys, but I'm stoked for this impending storyline. Punk's going to be cleared to compete in the next month or so.

    So whoever it is, we'll find out soon enough.

    That being said, please read on.

John Cena

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    The Champ himself. The Straight Edge Messiah has obviously never liked Mr. Cena. They've participated in three matches against each other. Problem is, Punk was squashed in every single one excluding the Nexus attack. As of late, Punk was been openly frustrated with Cena's actions.

    Everytime he attacks a Nexus member, Cena causes a considerable amount of damage to the announcer's table. Punk is always infuriated by this. The Champ has even knocked over Punk's Diet Pepsi for God sakes. But why not?

    There have been worse reasons for revenge. For example, Latino Heat attacking RVD for stealing his frog splash. Kane attacking Mysterio because he wears a mask. Triple H destroying Ric Flair for beating Carlito and becoming successful.

    Senseless right?

    I can honestly see Punk being insulted by Cena's actions here. This feud could really heat up if executed properly.

Daniel Bryan

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    Is the American Dragon the target of CM Punk's comments? Well it seems very likely. Before Punk's latest injury, Creative planned a feud between him and Bryan. In case you missed it, after Bryan beat Dolph Ziggler again, Punk walked down and watched from the commentators table.

    The two shared an awkward stare at the end of the match. As Punk applauded Bryan's performance, Bryan seemed uncomfortable with Punk's presence. Maybe a sign of things to come? Perhaps.

    Since both worked for ROH and are veteran Indy Stars, there's some unusual reason for Punk's anger. Bryan and Punk did face off at an Indy Show. Punk was defeated after Bryan applied the Cattle Mutilation. Maybe Bryan injured Punk during the match?

    Maybe Punk felt Bryan had an unfair advantage over him. My guess is that Bryan and Punk had some static between them on the Indy scene. Hey, this is the WWE we're talking about. A reasonable reason for a feud is out of the question.

    All that aside, I would enjoy the matches between these two submission specialists. Both are arguably the best wrestlers in the WWE today. 

    Aren't you excited?

Big Show

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    Besides Rey Mysterio, who else has wronged CM Punk more than Big Show? After Punk's feud with Mysterio cooled down, Big Show became a subject of Punk's harsh criticism. Honestly, Show had it coming for interrupting Punk's promo. Show proceeded to destroy the SES and unmask Punk, displaying his shiny bald head to the Smackdown audience. Who wouldn't want revenge on someone for that?

    In the following weeks, Show destroyed the Straight Edge Society and beat Punk at every turn, embarrassing them at Summerslam in a three-on-one handicap match.

    Setting up a one-on-one match at Night of Champions. Show knocked CM Punk out twice over the course of two days, once on Smackdown and again at Night of Champions. Show won the matches decisively. Punk was drafted to RAW, thus ending the feud.

    Once again, who wouldn't want revenge for all of that?

Randy Orton

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    Hear me out IWC. CM Punk wanting revenge on Randy Orton does not seem far-fetched. I'm pretty sure you all remember when Punk became World Champion. Orton was out with a collarbone injury and when he returned nothing changed.

    He trashed all of RAW's Champions, specifically targeting the Straight Edge Superstar. Punk taunted a defenseless Orton and even threw water in his face later in the evening. That wasn't the last time Orton would cross paths with Punk.

    Backstage at Unforgiven 2008, Punk was cutting a promo about his upcoming World Title defense. Orton cut Punk off and informed him that he was still injured. Priceless attacked Punk, setting up a punt in the head by Randy Orton.

    Punk was deemed unable to compete and was stripped of his World Title. After Orton returned, he beat Punk twice. Now would you want revenge? Losing your first World Championship without actually LOSING it. 

    Punk never got the proper revenge on Orton. Now that Orton's a face, this would be perfect timing. Maybe Punk could cost Orton a WWE Title match in the near future...

Possible But Not Likely

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    Rey Mysterio

    Well, he did shave Punk bald. But his latest injury would rule him out.



    Now this may seem ridiculous but hear me out. When Nexus first appeared, who did they attack? CM Punk and John Cena. Maybe Punk's never got over that horrible beatdown. Maybe Barrett is his next target.



    Call me crazy but Edge did cost CM Punk his ECW Championship a while ago. I've read that Punk is taken part in fatal four-way World Title matches at house shows in the coming weeks. Hey this is Creative, they made Nexus remember?


    Ted Dibiase

    He was also involved in that backstage beatdown on Punk at Unforgiven 2008.


    Kofi Kingston

    Maybe Punk held a grudge against Kingston. He didn't look to pleased when Kingston came out Monday. His comments toward him haven't been all that nice either.