Torrie Wilson Talks About WWE and How Women Are Treated There

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 6, 2008

In 1999 the epitome of the Blond American Beauty joined David Flair to ringside in WCW. WCW was so captured with her beauty that they immediately brought her on board. This is the start of the career of none other than Torrie Wilson. Wilson has recently retired from wrestling, but recently gave a long interview on The Interactive Interview about her entire career basically.


Her back injury
A real gentleman always asks about a woman's health first, and so did host James. She says that she has recovered a lot from the surgery since her retirement, but she's not at 100% yet. When asked if she would return to wrestling, she says she would no longer do some in ring work, but would love to come out sometimes for special occasions.


The WCW days
When she originally came into WCW, she was hired for her looks obviously, and Torrie admits to not knowing what she was doing there. She was getting some wrestling training, but the trainers were apparently really rough with her, as well as with the other women in WCW.


A lot of people backstage did not like Torrie that much, since she didn't know that much about wrestling, but was featured on TV anyway. However, Torrie says she managed to stay out of all the backstage drama in WCW going on. She describes the backstage as"pretty crazy".


Working with David Flair was great. He was really nice to her, and helped her break into the business.


Working in WWE
As chaotic and troublesome the backstage in WCW was, so warm and loving is the backstage in WWE, Torrie says. When she entered WWE, Vince answered if she wanted to learn how to wrestle, and she agreed. The trainers in WWE were also a lot nicer than those in WCW, and that's when she actually started to enjoy working in the ring.


She realized that she did not have the most wrestling talent in the business, and that's why you wouldn't see her on TV sometimes because they simply had no idea what to do with her. There were no hard feelings about that from either side.


WWE and Torrie did have some problems though in 2005, when she said she might leave WWE because she had a lot of problems with ex-husband Billy Kidman. WWE was not happy with her wanting to leave because of that, and almost fired her herself.


Another small disappointment for Torrie must be the new WWE Divas Championship on Smackdown. When she heard they would launch that title, she started training a lot and improving a lot too, but her competition went above and beyond to make her look bad.


Why it's frustrating to be a woman in WWE
For one, you're based solely on your appearance say Torrie. If you're fat, you're not over. It is really hard to keep your appearance up, she says, if you're on such a tough schedule as WWE's.


Also, she later on states that she doesn't watch WWE anymore, since she is a bit frustrated with how they treated the women backstage. Torrie (as many other Divas) pitched in a lot of ideas to creative, but usually the ideas proposed by the women get swiped off the table.


The Dawn Marie angle
The entire angle was thought up by Paul Heyman, but it was Torrie's idea to bring in her actual father. Many wrestlers were mad at her and Marie at that point for taking up TV time, but she says she still loved doing it, and it was great to work with her dad.


On working with TNA
She basically says what all ex-WWE-superstars say, when asked about possibly going to TNA: "Never say never." However, it is not for the near future, since she wants to spend her time recovering well and managing her clothing store. She was pleased however that Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim (while still with TNA) contacted her a few times.


On Victoria having to put over younger talent
She says she was surprised that Victoria has to lose to new girls now, but she's sure Victoria doesn't mind. Victoria is just a really loyal Diva that does whatever is asked of her, even if it's at her own expense. In a previous interview, Torrie also praised Victoria for always trying to make the both of them look good.


On the internet community
She doesn't go on there, just because there is so much negativity going on. She doesn't understand why people who have never been in wrestling talk so much smack about the wrestlers they see on TV.


When host James later on brings up the negativity of the internet wrestling community, when he mentions they call Mickie James fat, Torrie says she is shocked they would call a normal woman like Mickie fat, but it's better to be talked about negatively, than not at all.


On ex-hubby Billy Kidman
She has nothing nice to say about him, and that's all she'll say. His views on morals are very different than hers.


Who is the better kisser: Dawn Marie or Hulk Hogan?
Dawn Marie, case closed. (as if you needed Torrie to tell you that)