IPL: Court Battles, Keralite Preparations and Moral Leadership

Linus FernandesAnalyst IIDecember 18, 2010

PORT ELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA - APRIL 20:  Kevin Pietersen of Bangalore  (L) looks at the big screen with his team during IPL T20 match between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore at St Georges Cricket Ground on April 20, 2009 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)
Tom Shaw/Getty Images

For the BCCI, it has not been a good week by any standard. Their No. 1 test side has floundered in the series that could decide who has bragging rights.

But it’s the two setbacks in the Mumbai High Court that will really set the agenda this weekend when the working committee meets.

The BCCI are undecided how to tackle the adverse rulings against them in the court cases against the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

Should they pursue the matter further all the way to the Supreme Court? Or should they let sleeping dogs lie?

 The concern is that any further delay in the player auctions will hurt logistics and scheduling, besides hurting the IPL brand. The IPL will no longer be the sole big moolah T20 tournament next year as it faces competition from the Big Bash down under.

For now, it’s a wait and watch policy. The Kings XI Punjab have a Jan. 3rd deadline to meet their bank guarantee obligations. The Rajasthan Royals have till the 5th of January, 2011.

It is possible that the player auctions may be moved further afield to bang into the middle of the World Cup. I wonder if the ramifications of the move have been considered. Would you like the cricketers to be counting their dollars or their runs, wickets and catches during the premier one-day tournament?

Team Kochi is primed to take part in the fourth edition of the IPL. The Kerala Cricket Association has until February 28th to ensure the Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium meets all the BCCI requirements to host their set of seven matches. It is expected that at least two players in the franchise will be Keralites.

Former IPL Governing Council member MAK Pataudi has exhorted the BCCI to be moral leaders. The BCCI is “in a mess” over the IPL.

“The ICC may well be the voice of cricket; the BCCI is an invoice.We would like to see a more proactive, more eloquent and a more constructive BCCI in world matters. It is of course a democratically elected body and we are fine with that. But it keeps its doors very closed so that none of us actually know what is happening behind closed doors."

The former India captain believes that the BCCI should be more proactive in tackling the nexus between the illegal betting mafia and the match-fixers. Though Indian cricket has remained untainted by the recent spot-fixing scandals, it is well known that the money chasing the cricketers involved emanates from India.


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