Kevin Steen Criticizes WWE While Promoting Ring Of Honor Final Battle 2010

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIDecember 18, 2010

Kevin Steen & El Generico - Copyright: Ring Of Honor Wrestling
Kevin Steen & El Generico - Copyright: Ring Of Honor Wrestling

On Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. EST at the Grand Ballroom on the seventh floor of the Manhattan Center in New York, N.Y., Ring Of Honor will present its next Internet pay-per-view event, Final Battle 2010.

While the card will be packed full of some of the world’s finest in-ring performers and a high-profile ROH World Championship title match between Roderick Strong and Davey Richards, no one can deny the anticipation building for one match in particular going into Saturday.

In a match that is almost a decade in the making, El Generico and Kevin Steen, will battle it out in a Fight Without Honor; which has a lot at stake.

Steen will put his Ring Of Honor professional wrestling career on the line, while Generico puts his trademark mask up for grabs as well.

When looking at the competitors from an outside perspective, it doesn’t seem to have a lot of intrigue surrounding them.

However, those who have followed this absolutely textbook build and storyline progression throughout know exactly how well this feud has been done.

During a recent online interview to promote his upcoming match at Final Battle 2010, Steen took a few jabs at World Wrestling Entertainment regarding their creative direction when it comes to building an intriguing storyline over a long period of time.

“I think this feud could last another year if we had to, but this is going to end Saturday,” Kevin Steen told Alex Marvez, of The Scripps News Service, earlier this week concerning the stakes surrounding his match.

“This isn’t ‘If a certain wrestler doesn’t help me win the title (i.e., Cena), I’ll be fired but then be back on TV in a week.’ If I lose, I'm gone. If I win, you’ll see Generico like you’ve never seen him.”

Steen also went on to describe how “The Worldwide Leader In Sports Entertainment” doesn’t allow most of the performers to be themselves and capitalize on crafting their own characters.

“In WWE, it seems like wrestlers aren’t given enough credit and freedom to come up with their own thing,” Steen added. “During my entire career, I’ve never performed as well as when I was emotionally invested in what I was doing. A lot of that is gone in wrestling.”

It is hard to deny “Mr. Wrestling’s” feelings in regards to the recent portrayal of World Wrestling Entertainment storylines the latter part of this decade.

With one of the most exciting builds in recent professional wrestling history, his bout against Generico this weekend will showcase the advantage the independent professional wrestling promotion holds on the “big leagues.”

To view the complete card and lineup for Ring Of Honor Final Battle 2010, go here, and the iPPV is available for purchase, live, this Saturday exclusively through our friends at GoFightLive.TV.


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