Virginia Tech Hokies Struggle Offensively Against Furman

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent ISeptember 6, 2008

Virginia Tech had their home opener against Furman today and struggled to move the ball through the air.  The first half was one of the worst offensive displays I've seen by Virginia Tech in recent history.

Just to remind you, Furman is a FCS (Formerly Division I-AA) team.  That means the Hokies only managed to put up three points against a "cupcake" opponent in the first half. 

They came out in the second half and scored 21 points in the third quarter, mainly because of the defense causing turnovers deep in Furman's territory.

The problem starts at the quarterback position.  Now when I say quarterback, I mean the position where the ball is supposed to be put in the air.  I thought that's what quarterbacks were supposed to do. 

Every time Tyrod Taylor dropped back to pass, he seemed to give up on the play, and run the ball.

Some of the calls were obvious draws, but on many plays he gave the passing game no chance.  Everyone in the stands would freak out when Taylor would take off out of the pocket, but then complained about the lack of passing.  Then Glennon would get put in and everyone would boo. 

The reason I bring this up is some of our fans just don't seem to get it.  We can't be this one-dimensional on offense against a good opponent.  We have to throw the ball, and obviously what we saw today is the coaching staff is afraid to put the ball in the air when Taylor is under center.

Now you can say Taylor was more efficient.  He threw the ball five times, mostly screens, and most of the passes he did throw that were incomplete came back due to penalties.

Glennon threw one pick, again Greg Boone couldn't come down with the pass and he batted it in the air causing it to be intercepted, but he had a very nice touchdown pass to Kenny Lewis.  And guess what Hokie fans, he was able to make the pass on the run.

I've never been more unhappy with a win than I am today.  We had a total of 68 yards passing through the air, and had a combined 13 pass attempts between our two quarterbacks.

Our running backs looked good, and Taylor led the team in rushing with 112 yards but really had only two good runs on the day.

I stated before that I wanted Virginia Tech to get back to smashmouth football, and we're almost there.  However, you need an effective passing game in order for this to work. 

Right now with Taylor in at quarterback, we are way too predictable.  However, after today's game, it seems the coaching staff was phasing out Sean Glennon, who started the game but saw limited playing time.

This makes me believe that Taylor will be starting next week and for the rest of the season.  If he does start next week I hope the coaching staff will have a little more confidence in his arm.  If not that Georgia Tech's defensive line, led by Michael Johnson, is going to have a field day against our new "quarterback."