Monta Ellis Admits Lying About Cause Of Injury

K ShakranSenior Analyst ISeptember 6, 2008

When Bay Area fans—specifically Golden State Warriors' fanatics like me—heard the devastating news that Monta Ellis suffered a severe injury that will sideline him for at least three to four months, it added to the burden of being a Warriors' fan this summer.

Marucs Thompson of the Contra Costa Times wrote, "Initially, Ellis told the team he was working out in Jackson, Miss., when he injured his ankle on Aug. 21, tearing a deltoid ligament and suffering a severe high-ankle sprain."

However, many reports were published claiming that there was some hidden fact about which Ellis had not informed Chris Mullin, with whom he has a close relationship with.

Ellis' is predicted to be out-of-service for at least three months, but the severity of the injury might require a season-long rehabilitation, formally killing all hopes for the Warriors to make any kind of push towards a playoff run.

Now, Ellis has reportedly admitted to Warriors officials that he has lied about the cause of his injury.

Thompson wrote, "Ellis has confessed that he wasn't truthful about how he hurt his ankle, and the two sides are in talks about how to put the situation behind them.

"According to a team source, the Warriors now know that Ellis' ankle injury—which was repaired during surgery on Aug. 27—was not sustained 'in a gym,' and it happened outdoors and not while playing basketball."

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News repeatedly pointed out that Ellis' blow had some kind of twist. Now, that has turned out to be the case.

Wil the Warriors terminate Monta Ellis' contract for violating contract terms? I personally think they can if they somehow discover that his injury is career-threatening.

Kawakami said, "They want Ellis to realize that he isn’t above the truth and that he has to act with responsibility. And speak with responsibility."

This controversy has finally lead me to believe that Ellis cannot and will not be the leader of this team.

Some people want Stephen Jackson to be traded, but with this story emerging out of this roller coaster summer, Jackson is a blessing—the kind of leader Warriors' fans desire.