TNA Setting A Dangerous Precedent with Jeff Hardy

Von PaxtonContributor IIIDecember 17, 2010

I’m assuming you are a Pro Rasslin’ fan based on you reading this article. So, I don’t need to tell you about the epidemic of Wrestler deaths that have happened yearly since the very first match between Cain and Abel. It’s heartbreaking that so many Wrestlers have died so young which we blame on several factors. Steroids, alcohol, pain killers and the rough schedule are all playing parts in these tragedies.

Thinking about the premature deaths of these men and women makes TNA’s lack of action even more mind-numbing. If you are part of the dreaded IWC (which you are), you know that there were reports that Jeff Hardy showed up to Final Resolution “out of it”.

These reports may or may not be true, but I highly doubt they materialized out of thin air. Hardy’s problems with drugs are no secret and are not new. He has been in and out of court for a while now because of the pharmacy he kept in his house. He got suspended by the WWE for violating their wellness policy. He was kept from boarding a flight because of his condition. He cut a ridiculous promo from a kitchen (which you can see on youtube) on CM Punk while appearing either drunk or high or both. And now the great Final Resolution incident of 2010.

According to Bill Behrens, (an independent booking coordinator for some talents in TNA), it is considered an “open secret” that Hardy still uses. That same report stated that “Hardy is incoherent backstage at TNA live events. He slurs his words and keeps to himself at all times.” Is TNA apathetic, ignorant or dumb? We all know TNA hasn’t cared about their on-air product for a while now (just my opinion). With their nonsensical storylines, non-finishes, erratic pushes and AARP sponsorship. Don’t misunderstand me, I have been a fan of TNA for several years now, but the current product is pretty rough.

I digress.

Let TNA continue to not care about their on-air product, that’s fine. However, we are talking about the life of one of their employees. No one wants to see another pro wrestler death for any reason. TNA appears to be doing nothing about their Jeff Hardy problem.

They haven’t spoken up in his defense nor have they said they are dealing with it internally. Does the pro wrestling community really need more bad press? TNA even kept the strap on Hardy at Final Resolution and throughout their TV tapings the week Hardy appeared again in court. They almost took the strap off him that night, but they didn’t. Almost doesn’t count, TNA sorry. So, what happens if your top champ ends up in jail because of drugs while holding the belt and the belt stays on him for another 3 weeks?

TNA, you are setting a dangerous precedent. Dozens (if not more) of wrestlers stay clean and work their butt off trying to get some respect, so that they can one day hold a top belt and carry a company. While those straight-up guys hang out in the mid-card, you allow an addict to hold your major belt. It’s so insanely ridiculous and asinine that they would be so careless.

In late 2000, The Road Dogg Jesse James (Brian Gerard James) was suspended and then released by the WWF for performing impaired. When James had his match, no one could tell he was high. After the match, James approached Vince and told him he performed under the influence. This led to his departure. James was man enough to go to Vince and admit he messed up. He even checked into rehab and got clean, but guess what? He was still let go by WWE.

Now you have Hardy who didn’t admit to any wrongdoing, hasn't checked into rehab and the company knew but did nothing. Hardy, instead took to the mighty Twitter and behaved like a child, cussing at anyone who doubts his sobriety. What if Hardy was under the influence when he hit Mr. Anderson in the head with a chair? So, not only is he putting himself at risk while TNA turns a blind eye, he’s putting other performers at risk as well.

This is very troubling and inexcusable and makes TNA look like the two-bit company that we thought they were. So what are you going to do TNA? Are you going to continue to send the message to all the hard workers that you are going to reward someone who works high? Are you going to tell us wrestling fans that you don’t care about your performers? Or are you going to man-up and do something about? I have a feeling it’s going to be the former.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what your opinion is.