WWE TLC: Why the Commentary Team Has Me As Excited As Anything Else

Charlie ButlerContributor IDecember 17, 2010

So, you're looking forward to WWE's TLC PPV, huh? I bet you're really excited to see John Cena and Wade Barrett duke it out, and to see The Miz headline a PPV as WWE Champion, right?

You're probably even more excited that every match will either involve tables, ladders or chairs...or a combination of all three.

And I am too, readers.

But there is something else that is intriguing me about TLC.

No, it's not the mysterious rules of a chair match (so, I can beat someone's brains out with a chair, but low-blowing them is illegal!?).

What really excites me about Sunday's PPV is the commentary team. 



See, the reason is simple. As you may or may not know (let's face it, you probably know) there is a bit of bad blood between Matt Striker, and the King and Michael Cole.

At least that's what the interwebz tells me. Apparently Cole and King are upset that Matt Striker talks way too much when he's commentating.

C'mon Matt, King needs to fit three cliches into every minute and Cole needs to shout "vintage" at a headlock.

I can't argue with their point, though.

Sometimes, Matt Striker does rattle on too much. On a recent Smackdown he suggested the way Jack Swagger was laying might've been conducive to a dislocated hip.

Or it might not, something which Cole quickly pointed out.

The bottom line is that all of this infighting might call for WWE to change their commentary team for the TLC PPV this Sunday.

But why does this interest me?

Well let me explain by listing the possible options.


WWE keeps Matt Striker, Michael Cole and The King as the commentary team

This is probably the most likely scenario. As it goes, these three provide insightful and reasonable commentary for PPVs. Personally, I kind of like the verbal fisticuffs that goes on.

Hearing Cole try to burn Striker and getting owned back is pretty funny. Then again this can also detract from matches as they're battling between themselves to be heard.

All of the reports online might be false and in fact these three guys are best buddies. Who knows? Take what you read online with a pinch of salt anyway.

Pro: they're tried and tested and do a pretty decent job of commentating.

Con: sometimes the jousting can detract from matches.


Michael Cole, The King and CM Punk call all the matches

This scenario has been reported in the IWC for about a week now.

CM Punk is getting rave reviews from us Internet fanboys as well as from management. And why not? His commentary is edgy, informative and damn funny. CM Punk just can't do anything wrong. He even got away with a Charles Manson t-shirt on TV.

Pro: CM Punk is awesome; the RAW commentary team is working every Monday night to great reviews.

Con: Well, it completely buries Smackdown for one.


We go back to separate commentary teams for RAW and Smackdown matches

This is another likely scenario.

Most PPVs since the brand extension had separate commentary teams for the separate shows. It has a nice, vintage feel to it. We had Taz and JR on one side and Michael Cole and King on the other. It worked. So could WWE decide to revert back to this style?

Well, I'd say it's a very probable choice. You can keep Striker away from Cole and The King without making Smackdown look like the B show.

Pro: it's more traditional and King and Cole don't have to worry about Matt Striker talking over them.

Con: CM Punk wouldn't be calling all of the matches and Josh Matthews might not be quite ready to call a big PPV.


And finally...

Another report on the Internet has suggested Jim Ross would return to commentary for PPVs.

But, before you poop your pants in excitement, I have bad news.

In his most recent blog JR said he would be at TLC!!!

...but not in a commentating capacity.

Could it still happen? Definitely. He's going to be there anyway, he could always take a seat behind a commentary table. If nothing else, his brief stint on Old School RAW proved that Good Ol' JR hasn't missed a beat.

He's still the best play-by-play announcer in wrestling today, if not of all time.

I'm not sure how they'd configure it. Would they have Cole, King and JR and can Striker? Would JR and Striker call Smackdown?

Could we just have JR and CM Punk call every match as the faces of everyone watching melt with enjoyment? (Well, except for that guy on YouTube who hates CM Punk. No, not Jeff Hardy, the other guy).

Pro: It's freaking JR!

Con: There are literally none.


So in conclusion...

The commentary mix-up is just another reason this Sunday's TLC might turn out to be a reasonably good PPV. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing who calls the show...are you?

(Did anyone count how many times I wrote "commentary" this article? I bet it's lots!)


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