Drive With Rize: MAJOR TLC Spoiler, Two Major Injuries, MAJOR Heel Turns Planned

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 16, 2010

You think you know me?

Come one, come all. We’ve all been witnesses to the fall. The Bleacher Report's wrestling section needs some major testing. The creativity most of its writers lack translates into worthless pages full of slack. But have no fear, because I’m back!

Welcome to the Drive with yours truly. I apologize for my inactivity in the last couple of days. Being that I’m an unstoppable machine that tends to shoot out articles every week or so, I figured it was time for a small break. But no worries, I have a slew of unfinished articles for my Creatures.

The Drive will be slightly altered from now on. I will also include my ratings on RAW and its matches. The RAW Superstar of the Week will also be included. If spoilers are a problem, I advise most to discontinue reading the Drive.

Heel turns around the corner?

We’ve demanded them. We use them as the solution for a fading WWE Superstar. Most of us have called for the heel turns of Edge and John Morrison.

Edge, because most believe he is a natural heel. Morrison, because we all believe his mic skills are better as a heel. Well our hopes may come to fruition. Both are under consideration for heel turns in the coming months.

I’m pretty sure you’re asking why Edge is face in the first place. Well, The Undertaker is injured, and Rey Mysterio is working injured. The balance of face/heel on Smackdown would be seriously jeopardized.


As noted above, Rey Mysterio is currently suffering from a shoulder injury. While Rey won’t have to undergo surgery, doctors are advising him to take some time off for rehab.

Mysterio’s not the only major Superstar with nagging injuries. Randy Orton is still suffering from a neck injury, and officials are advising him to take time off. Gives away the finish to Sunday’s match, huh?

Hulk Hogan’s wedding

I’m pretty sure you all know of Hogan’s wedding brawl. Well, TMZ has a video of the full incident up on their website. I guess the paparazzi are after all the celebrities nowadays.

To think, all of this could’ve been avoided with a private ceremony. The video is absolutely hilarious and I advise all of you to see it.

Rize’s RAW Rating

The three-hour Slammy Awards were indeed unexciting. Honestly, I didn’t look forward to any part of RAW. Can you blame me? They only promoted if Cena would be rehired.

Speaking of Cena, he’s the Superstar of the Week! Getting your job back and beating the holy hell out of David Otunga definitely earns him the honor. Overall, the show was uneventful. I give it two and a half out of five stars.


At the Smackdown taping on Tuesday, Teddy Long changed the main event. Edge vs. Kane is now Edge vs. Kane vs Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio in a fatal four-way TLC match for the World Title.

Maybe Rey’s injury has something to do with this. I’m actually stoked to see the outcome this Sunday.

Well that’s all for today, Creatures. Be sure to read my new article          Visit for more.