Mark Cuban: Could His Playoff Idea Be the First Nail in the BCS Coffin?

Kris HughesCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2010

Could Mark Cuban Self-Fund a Playoff System to Replace the BCS?
Could Mark Cuban Self-Fund a Playoff System to Replace the BCS?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If Mark Cuban knows how to do anything, it's drawing attention to an idea, a cause, or in just as many instances, himself. After all, whose name was just a part of the first sentence of this article?

This time he may actually have an idea with some substance.

As would be expected, Cuban is an outspoken and loud critic of the Bowl Championship Series which he believes discourages competition and prevents deserving teams from having a legitimate shot at a National Championship.

As we all know, money is no object to Cuban, as he has made recent bids in the last year to become an owner of a major league baseball franchise, placing bids during the process for both the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers, teams which both desperately needed an injection of capital. 

Could Cuban actually spend his way into creating a self-funded, and self-sustained playoff system to replace the BCS? It's certainly a possibility.

Cuban's notion is to create a 12-16 team playoff system in which the higher seeds would automatically have home field advantage.

In his opinion, this would not decrease the importance of weekly regular season games, something which networks and the conferences have both balked at due to the possibility of loss in revenue if the regular season becomes too watered down and each Saturday's contests lose their edge.

According to reports, Cuban has had conversations with several athletic directors at major programs across the country who support his idea.

It is likely they would.

The BCS has been such a source of contention over the past few years that almost everyone is looking for a way to make a change to a system that benefits more teams and is more equitable for all involved.

The real issue in Cuban's plan is the logistics. Who would televise the games? Who would market the games? These are very real issues with no easy answers. It's hard to believe that ESPN, FOX and the other major networks who have been in bed with the BCS would be quick to nullify these relationships and be willing to absorb the risk of broadcasting the new playoff games.

It's equally hard to believe that high profile sponsors would be willing to take a risk on an unproven equation. I'm sure the Budweisers of the world are perfectly content with the ratings which the BCS games draw in each January.

Sure, it's easy to doubt that Cuban could actually be the first nail in the proverbial coffin of the BCS. Who thought the Dallas Mavericks would ever be a contender again? Exactly my point. Don't count him out just yet.