How Ready is Appalachian State For FBS Football?

Donkay KongContributor IDecember 27, 2007

We've all heard about Appalachian State's historical upset over Michigan and how it has changed how we view the so-called cupcakes of college football.

If you look up and down the top 25 teams in FCS they may not exactly jump out at you, but let's face it—the top 20 teams of FCS could easily manage the bottom half of FBS. So why must other sports writers insist on how App State's win over Michigan was the largest of all time?

Take into account the fact that we've won three consecutive National Championships, the first in the history of the division. The weekend following the App State/Michigan game, Greenwood, S.C. native Armanti Edwards was interviewed and asked the question, "What's the biggest difference you've noticed between FBS and FCS football?"

Armanti simply replied that the biggest difference was size, but that they could match up speed wise and athletically. To be honest that's all that needed to be said. FBS teams are given more scholarships so in that regard they are more deep. Even so, if the FCS teams can stay injury free and play their game there will be more shockers from FCS schools—maybe not of the same magnitude, but there will be more.

News of an NCAA sanction that states the soonest there will be another transition of FCS to FBS will be in 2011. What bothers me about this situation is that one of the fastest quarterbacks in all of college football will get minimal opportunities to shine against the so called FBS powers.

I'm talking of course about Armanti Edwards who was the first quarterback since Vince Young to pass for 2000 yards and run for 1500 yards last year—and being a true freshman at that.

I'm not saying Appalachian state would be a powerhouse in FBS right off the bat because they wouldn't be. I do believe that with a few years of more intense recruiting and more scholarships App State could thrive and become a consistent bowl-eligible team.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that if you ever get sick of the waste of a system in the BCS tune to the D1 playoffs in December and you might be lucky enough to see Appy State win a fourth consecutive National Championship.